Wednesday, March 26, 2014

IHOP Rsstaurant's Filipino Breakfast Dishes

When you hear or read these letters - IHOP, what comes to your mind?
Of course, pancakes duh, silly me.
Perhaps you do have your favorite breakfast food, beyond hot pancakes,waffles and eggs.  To date, the global chain has been serving 65 different signature, made-to-order breakfast options.

International House of Pancakes, or IHOP Restaurant to foodies all over the world, had been continually affirming these words " everything you love about breakfast."  True enough that after a year of opening their first Philippine branch, they have thought of their local Filipino diners as well.  They now have three locations in Manila, at W Global Center, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, UP Town Center, Katipunan Ave., QC and at the Entertainment Mall of SM Mall of Asia.  With that said, the long lines of their BGC branch have been lessened.

It was such a blessing that they opened another branch which is near my place (Mall of Asia) and how exciting that they have decided to add new Filipino menu offerings.  The home-spun favorite of many Filipinos and probably the ones our Filipino friends abroad terribly miss will now be part of the menu served on all the IHOP branches for a limited time though.

They have added five different entrees which are all-time faves served with garlic rice and two eggs cooked the way you want it.  You may opt to have it with atchara and seasoned vinegar.

Here are the savory addition:

BREAKFAST BEEF TAPA(served with sunny side eggs)

CLASSIC PORK TOCINO (served with sunny side eggs) 

SAVORY PORK LONGGANISA (served with scrambled eggs)

LEAN CHICKEN SAUSAGE (served with scrambled eggs)

CLASSIC CHICKEN TOCINO (with scrambled eggs)

With these new addition, they aim not only to give local diners what they look for but also show the best of Philippine culinary to foreign guests.

If only those Polish bloggers have stayed longer in Manila and have tried these offerings, maybe, just maybe, the offensive blog and commentaries about our food could not have been posted and nothing like "I'd rather go hungry than eat Pinoy food," have even made social surge online.

Read the whole story here.

Among the choices, my favorite is the Lean Chicken Sausage.  I love how tender the sausages were, they are not that salty either, contrary to what the Polish food and travel bloggers Agness says about our dishes.

According to the staff of IHOP, all the ingredients are locally sourced and hand-made at their commissary.  Thus they can vouch on the food's freshness.

Going back on how ingenious Filipinos are and how they flair when it comes to fixing food, how about some new scoops from the same restaurant.  Haha, get that, new scoops!  The pun is intended to indulge the writer for some reason...

Literally speaking, they have also launched four new ice cream parfaits which is a co-creation with Nestle Ice Cream.   These are scoops of our favorite ice cream selections from Nestle but made notoriously addicting.

Groupie of the four flavors of ice cream parfaits.
Chocolate Decadence (P245)

My favorite among the four.  A co-mixture of IHOP's very own Butter Pecan Syrup, dark chocolate and white chocolate chips and maple candied bacon over a decadent chocolate ice cream.

Mango Peaches and Cream Parfait (P 195)

This one has a touch of breakfast with the addition of IHOP's special granola.  Loads of peaches is served on a huge sundae cup with mango and vanilla ice cream.

Mixed Berry Parfait (P 245)

It's every child's favorite flavor, chocolate ice cream only it's smothered with cool strawberry and blueberry toppings, with a dollop of yogurt oozing down and oatmeal streusels for that crunchy and healthy punch

Last but definitely not the least is the Childhood Memories (P 195)

Said to be an outcome for a dire need of childhood precious memories (from eating vanilla ice cream perhaps) is this cup filled with vanilla ice cream layered with strawberry and blueberry syrups and the secret and most adorned ingredient, cheesecake bits.  The topping of crispy golden hash brown pieces makes this an instant crowd-pleaser.

All these new offerings have been available since March 17, and will be on the menu for a limited time only in the Philippine branches.

Have you tried any of these yet?  Please let me know how it was.

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  1. I'm beyond surprise, I know they serve our fave American comfort food, why add Filipino?

  2. We were at MOA branch last Friday. You are right, it's so easy to like their new Filipino offering.


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