Thursday, September 13, 2012

Noriter Cafe: The Playground of the Creatives

Don't you just love taking a break from the crazy world with a cup of coffee while lounging off somewhere, where your thoughts run freely and concerns are clouded with dainty pieces adorning every nook and cranny.  There is a place that fits that dreamy afternoon.   Located near where I had the best and worst stage of my education life.
Just so you know, I just had posted a review on a Korean fusion restaurant which is also near the university, where I took a Bachelor's degree in Education with two majors, in Education and Mathematics.  Does that sound like me? guess!

Days before we tried Chef's Noodle at the University Mall, my daughter and I toured our way to Taft after getting her report card.  She did well somehow with her studies, so to reward her, I took her to Noriter Cafe.  We knew about this place years already, just that we couldn't take time to visit it.   So when she asked me if we can eat snack before we go home, I never hesitated to invite her at Noriter.

Hhmmm...what do you think, was she delighted?

The entrance
the guard actually sits on the white chair, good thing he went away in time for me  to take a shot of this wall.

It is located along Taft Avenue in front of DLSU (above Tapa King).  I guess now you know where I came from (oops, yes Venus).  The Korean-themed (yes still Korean like the Chef's Noodle restaurant I was telling you about) coffee shop offers a creative and cozy space for students who are looking for an alternative and more affordable place to get their caffeine fix. Because of its quirky interior, lots of students have been raving about the place since its opening. There are several elevated spaces where customers can sit on the matted wooden floor while gulping down their drinks. 

Noriter is a Korean word for playground, that's how the place can also be summed up. Though at some point you may picture yourself in a Kindergarten's room (or a Pre-schoolers typical classroom), with all the colorful pictures on the walls, bead curtains on the elevated floors, eclectic items, artsy figurines, photo strips and stationery here and there.  It is more of a place where creative juices run wild.   

The owner thus encourage the customers to really feel at home and let each one's creativity flow.  Stacks of paper cups stand true to that.
adoring all the cute cups
My coffee: Cafe Machiato
Danie's ice-blended Choco chip coffee
Danie had two of this, another one is the Oreo cookie.  So, maybe we can say that the mix suits her well.  She only had Starbucks once and now she is always looking forward for another quick fix from them.   However, she doesn't drink coffee at home.
Let me tell you something about our grub.  I actually forgot how they named it, but it's a waffle topped with potato salad, ham, lettuce and a sliced pesto bread.   See, even the menu has been played at.  But we found it to be good.  I specially liked how the potato salad was made.
My daughter doing her cup artwork, hoping to have hers displayed, hhmmm as if...
Not bad for a first-timer, Danielle!  Is that what you call Kawaii?
Tadah! My daughter's creation.  Sorry for the choice of colors, but the art materials aren't  that many anymore.
Below are some of the customers cup art works which really caught our fancy.  There is actually hundreds of these displayed.  Each one of them has a character of its own.



  1. It's quirky and caffeneited. Love it! I should write down in my journal all the coffee shops you've featured to plan my Caffeine Pilgrimage. Hahaha! And your daughter's drawing, not bad! Nako sarap siguro tumambay dito, read a book while having a cappuccino. Just my kind of relaxation! Oh, and you're a mathematics genius! Goodness, you're an endangered being, you should be staying in a sanctuary. hahahaha!

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