Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Gratuitous Breakfast at The Linden Suite's Coffee Shop

A good night sleep on one of the most recommended hotel may suffice, to any stressed  out person, but nothing beats waking up and  looking forward to a sumptuous breakfast.

But how we can we really say that a breakfast from say any hotel in the metro can live up to the guest expectations?

 Here are Ten Tips For a Great Hotel Breakfast which I collated from my readings.
  1. Cordial Reception.  Heck this is a hotel and hospitality is their game.  A welcoming personnel to great you by the door and tells you to enjoy the bounty they have prepared and lead you to the table setting of your choice.
  2. Service.   It’s okay to select your own fruit and cereals from a well-stocked buffet. But who needs to run around the room queuing and collecting? Tea, coffee and everything else should come to your table. With a smile.
  3. No Pre-Packed Portions.  This is a hotel, not an airplane. There is no reason to offer a basket of long-life milk-substitute. I want milk, in a jug. Preserves in tiny glass jars are okay; anything in a little plastic packet is not.
  4. Fresh Fruits.   Notice the plural. I want a choice of fruits, some whole, some prepared. Genuine freshly squeezed juices score highly.
  5. Choice.  As with the fruits, so with the cooked dishes. There should be many ways with eggs, porridge, kippers and vegetarian options alongside the bacon and sausage. None of these should be sitting around in a tray.
  6. Bread.   Top quality bread, made on the premises or sourced from a good local baker, speaks volumes. This is very different from part-baked bread, finished off in the kitchen, hot and crispy outside, steamy and soggy within.
  7. Provenance.   Any chef worth his salt and your money should be sourcing local produce. It's a good sign if you know which breed of pig, or which farm, your bacon came from. Vague phrases, like 'farm-fresh eggs' mean nothing.
  8. Fresh flowers. It may only be one, in a bud vase, but it brightens the day.  However, at Linden Suites, small potted herbs simply adorn each table.  What landed on ours is tincy shrub of peppermint, which some of us took a few leaves of it to chew as mouth fresheners, haha, clever are we.
  9. Tranquility.  I will walk out of pretty much anywhere which serves up canned music for breakfast.
  10. View from the window.  When dining out, we always love sitting beside a window.  Where you could observe life from outside the hotel building.  Have you ever wondered how a Sunday Morning looked like at San Miguel Avenue.  Still and no traffic.

As you can see my pictures attest to all those mentioned above.
Different breads, jams and cold cuts
Vietnamese Spring roll for breakfast...
Salad the way you want it
A smorgasbord of cheeses
Fruits in season
Choose your cereal...
How about filling up with hot Arroz Caldo
Steamed or fried
Danggit or dried fish, our Balikbayans would kill for this...
Chopsuey for vegetarians
Tocino with pineapples

Yes, many bacons have laid here 
Egg Souffle
Quite frankly, Linden Suite's breakfast buffet  had more than that of what I have expected.  Though my husband and I are not heavy breakfast eaters we took time indulging with what we don't normally have which are extravagant, such as choices of cheese, cereals, yogurts, cold cuts and more.   I mean we don't normally open two kinds of boxed cereals or have salads in different ways or even ask a chef to cook omelettes of our preference.
Besides comfortably indulgent accommodations and ample breakfasts, there's the relaxed ambiance of a rather nice weekend house among family members and relatives.
Outside  the window where we dined, a willowy white seed, which would seem to be a wishing seed (having a hard time getting the name of that seed) was blown at and stuck to the glass of our window  I don't know if you're supposed to make a wish on it or how you are supposed to do it, though I have lived a blessed life and wishing on something isn't part of it, but it seemed the childish fun thing to do at the moment, so I wished for a return visit to The Linden Suites.

The Linden Suites
37 San Miguel Avenue, Ortigas Centre
Pasig City, M.M.

Telephone (63-2) 638-7878
Facsimile (63-2) 638-7877
               (63-2) 633-7012


  1. Food over load for breakfast! Thanks for your own version of Ten Tips For a Great Hotel Breakfast. Might come in handy real soon.

  2. I love buffets with bacon trays...hahaha. Somehow without it, hotel breakfasts are not complete. Next time I'm in the area, I will check in here just to partake of that sumptuous looking spread.

  3. 1. Cordial Reception
    "A welcoming personnel to great you..." greet not great. Other than this, it was an okay post.


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