Thursday, August 11, 2011

What is Chic-boy All About?

 Not so long ago, trying to refresh my memory though, a friend of us from our church, mentioned how good the chicken at Chic-boy was, while he was having fried chicken at our house.   Quite intrigued, and thought of it as an old, whole-in-a-wall diner.   But I didn't really put much attention to it until I saw a newly constructed branch at Binondo.   There is something to it, aside from it's name of course, getting the word Chickboy,  which meant being a guy having a lot of  girl friends and knowing a lot of ways with girls.   My husband would actually joke about the word, "pwedeng sa chick (slang for girl), pwedeng sa boy," meaning gay.
However, this Chic-boy is not what I thought of, it's a franchise chain, like Mang Inasal,  the name, Chic shortened from chicken, boy, from baboy.   Well, unlike Mang Inasal, they have a lot on their menu, also pork (as suggested from the name).
Cebu Lechon Chicken, apparently the one of the main attraction, lacks a bit of flavor, so I was forced to ask myself, is this the chicken, Jomer was raving about, well compared to Mang Inasal, The serving portion is a bit smaller.   I'd still go for  Inasal way of grilling the chicken.
Cebu Lechon Liempo, is yet another.  They didn't put any effort making it more palatable, which is disappointing.  Sure the meat was cooked thoroughly and it is tender, but still lacks that charming flavor I was looking for in a grilled liempo (pork belly).
Almost at the end of the said meal, (quite a heavy meal at 3 pm would you say), we chanced upon a group of senior citizens claiming to be friends with the owners, clamoring for the Turon de Leche.   One of the staff then served it to them, explaining aferwards, what it is made off and how it is eaten.   It is saba banana and bits of jack fruit rolled in a rice paper then fried till golden brown,  the thing here is that unlike the regular "turon" we buy  along the streets, no sugar crusted it, however, it is served with a dip, a  mix of condensed milk , cream and syrup or sugar.  This is served hot and should be consumed immediately or else it won't be crispy anymore.  This is the only food that amused me so far as we had our first visit at Chic-boy.   Cheap eats, but really filling.


  1. Hala, na-turn-off ako..Gusto ko pa naman i-try yan at may malapit dito sa amin...

  2. Super yummy nung cebu lechon manok nila! One of our clients kasi may branch sa Tarlac, so dun kami nag lunch meeting Heheh! :D

  3. Too bad you didn't like it. Try other branches :) I've tried eating Cebu Lechon for three consecutive weekends. Heehee! :)

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