Saturday, August 6, 2011

Uno Pizzeria

Food gawking can be more fun and exciting when family members bond with each other, even more when another family joins in.   Food and friendship!  That's what it is!
One Sunday afternoon, we were invited to dine out by the Manlapaz couples, Gerry and Julie.   Together their kids and mine made it one memorable day for both the family.  It was actually a "despedida" for Gerry. The day was a bit dusky, which made it a bit gloomy for his kids, knowing that their dad will be leaving for work again for another half year.
For this we used the voucher they got from a certain internet group coupon deal.   The voucher was for Uno Pizzeria.   Well, my kids love pizza and pasta.  So it was perfect.   The deal consisted of 14 inch Pizza, Fish and Chips, Meatball Pasta, and Buffalo wings.  So was it really perfect?  Let us see.
What could be a better day than Sunday.   A better day to check out MOA, the Baywalk and UNO.
 A good day to leave a nice impression on the restaurant!  Or NOT!
Let me start off with the forage...
It is hard to serve pasta nowadays in any resto.  Iv'e tried a many variations, to the authentic, to the lurid, and I do experiment on different sauces on different pasta.   So I guess I, and my family would be wee hard to please.   The spaghetti was so-so, it was okay, though my two little ones didn't like it.   A bit sweet and spicy, with too much of the thick sauce and less parmesan..  My Danielle thought it was dry and it was not hot anymore when served to us.  But on Julie's side it was so "mabenta."   They did like it.
The Fish n' chips was bland for me, has too much breading or batter and tiny fish fillet.   Gerry even told us one good fish n' chips from a vendor at UK, like it was being sold as a junk food or a snack along the coastline, and people are eating on a coned paper, like how it was long ago.
Then came the very red-looking dish!  Signifies fiery, ultra spicy and inviting Buffalo Wings.   I never liked too much food color on a viand.   The dish could look better without it being so red.  My daughter said that the cook had put too many catsup...Ooops!
Pizza!  Now were talking...  It's pizza and we love pizza...It was 14 inch in diameter, lots of cheese and meat and mushrooms.   The sauce that binds the toppings to the crust was delectable. Very easy on the salt, no sweetness, only savoury.  The crust is thin but not like the crunchy thin of Greenwich.   Definitely hot!  We've heard that their pizza are the ones customers are always asking for and well together with their alcoholic drinks of course.

Danielle's drawing while waiting for our meal.
The place is nice for groupies.   It is one of the sought-after, night "tambayan" of yuppies near Mall of Asia.   Call center agents abound the place so expect it to be jam-packed till morn.   They open at 5 o'clock in the afternoon till 4 in the morning.  I do not recommend it to family diners with kids cause the place is distinctly adult.   From the  designs of the walls, where picture of  girls resembling Betty Boop abounds, to the black table linens and curtains down to the menu.
Just a heads-up to the management, the next time you offer a deal like this on the net, make sure you accommodate clients who are using vouchers or coupons the same as you would with regular customers.    When receiving calls for registration, make sure you get the names of the caller and the name on the voucher,  do jot down simply important information about the reservation, like what time, how many, etc.   Make sure tables are properly reserved so that customers are seated comfortably and waiting is minimized.   Remember the power of "word of mouth" so always make a good first and lasting expression, so people will always be coming back to your place even without having to purchase any voucher.


  1. It makes me sad that local restaurants can't seem to educate kids palates and stick to safe things like sweetish spaghetti, overly fatty carbonara, and bland fried treats like chicken fingers and fish and chips. It doesn't speak well of cooks. :(

  2. I hope they improve on their service this time.

  3. Hi Joy! Twas nice meeting you at DOH Event. Wow, we certainly are both Joyful, we use the same wallpaper. Please do visit me at
    my mother blog

  4. better improve their service... kahit pa voucher lang yun... all costumer should be treated equal...

  5. i hope this blog could reach UNO PIZZERIA and realize that "word of mouth" is trully powerful or should i say "pen is mightier than sword" :)
    for UNO PIZZERIA (MOA): YOU better improve your service and treat your costumers well even they purchased only in vouchers or promos.


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