Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Is Kitch' Cafe Kitschy?

Kitch's Cafe...The first thing that came to my mind when I heard Kitch was kitschy.    Usually coined for melodramatic soap-operas.  I wondered why it was to be used as a name for a seemingly quaint coffee shop.
Perhaps, it may mean something about its architecture, or a shortened word for kitchen.
To understand it more deeply I consulted Dr. Google, and here are what I've unveiled...
Kitch' , a French word used as an adjective meaning  , art or artwork which is sentimental and in poor taste, in English it is kitsch.
In modern translation, it is somehow synonymous to artsy, funky, colorful, retro, vintage or hip. 
Now this what makes the whole package of Kitch' Cafe.   

The very clean, shabby-chic, new-country look of the shop, really makes it a wonderful spot for afternoon chats with friends, colleagues and family.   If you close your eyes, when you open it, its like you are taken off somewhere, where it's  tranquil, your back rested on the soft couch with the soft sun beams reflected on  their huge mirror on the right side and on the aluminum sugar canisters.   Adoring the decorative kitsch plates  hanged on the wall as the aroma of coffee whiffed all  over the place.
As you enter, you will notice a staircase on the left which leads to the semi-private function room.   Where you can hold special company or family events.   It is so comfy upstairs, if the interior design below is egg-shell based, upstairs is the mid-tone gray sophisticated look.   They have a new wave sound system to support the activities of  any events.   All these while enjoying the food catered by their staff headed by Chef Mildred Smith and Chef Eugene Raymundo.

You can either read a book, or a magazine, or enjoy free WiFi.   I could imagine myself coming back and blogging my way to an inspiring afternoon delight.  Of course before we do, let us check out some of the treats they could offer.
For Bhogs, MILKY WAY (P 115), something like cappucinno or cafe americano with a twist.
Mine, BUTTERSCOTCH  LATTE (P 115), a sweet blend of coffee , milk and caramel!
PIZZA PANDESAL, pizza topped with smoked fish, black olives, capers and cream cheese.  The catch here is that the dough is for pan de sal.   So what you get is a crusty and crumby texture like that of our usual morning bread, but with the goodness of typical Italian pizza.
ULTIMATE BLONDIES ( P 35), it's a brownie without the cocoa then topped with dessicated coconuts, walnuts and cinnamon, an ultimate sweet sensory aliment indeed!
APPLE STRUDEL, a slice of it is apple heaven!   A rich apple and cinnamon filling coated in a flaky and crumbly pastry.   As you can see, I've almost finished it before I'd capture the whole slice in my camera.  So I guess that says it all!   
When you do visit, check out the big black board where new and seasoned treats are posted, along with the good variety in their menu.   For heavy eaters, don't fret for they do have rice meals and pasta and a line of cheese cakes, cookies and bars.   When we were there a couple of teens went there just to buy their huge chocolate chip cookies so better add that up to your "to try list at Kitch' Cafe."

Unit g-14 Sunvar Plaza, Pasay Road corner Amorsolo, Makati City
Contact them at: 63917 8851812 and at 632 8433620

Notes when going there:  When you are at the back of Makati Cinema Square, where there is Villman, that is Sunvar plaza,  from the parking lot near McDonalds, it is at the right side of Sunvar Plaza.


  1. That's a cool cafe! yummy foods and latte! Thanks for sharing! I love reading it, makes me eat again. Mmmmmm...

  2. Yup! If you do have time, it's good that you visit and try them, they were featured at Spot.ph must try new coffee shop!

  3. Hmmm I want to visit this place! :) i havent heard about this before. i'll definitely try the apple strudel.

    have you tried subspace in ortigas?

  4. That is quite surprising... I have never heard of that before reading your post!


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