Saturday, January 22, 2011

Non-chain Coffee House Try Out: First Challenge at Sugar Bites

A long, tiring and a bit boring  day at home business needs an upper before surrendering for a night.   My husband invited me to go out for a breather, a short coffee break or a quick whole body massage at a near spa.   I was supposed to steal a moment  to get a buzz on the "Weddings and Beyond Expo at PICC Grounds, however, the weather today was a bit challenging and late meetings occurred.   My plan for the day was ruined.   Here came to rescue was an invite that's hard to resist.

So we left the kids and drove to SM Sucat.   I opted to have coffee and pastry though since I was trying to gain weight and maybe do a little net surfing, a reason I need to have some caffeine.   Every time we go to SM Sucat, I'd see a Coffee shop at the other side of the road, just outside AVIDA condo, and have been wanting to try whatever they could offer.
We would usually go to Starbucks for coffee sessions late at night, but this time we wanted to try out something that has not been branded.   First stop for this year: Sugar Bites.   Let me correct my self, I thought the place was a mere coffee shop, it was a restaurant after all.   Could I have known, we might have had a dinner here.   But the whole adventure was pleasing and satisfying.   If I were to recommend it, I'd definitely would.    So we were there for the coffee, but when we've sat, one of the staff gave as a menu, they have all, from appetizers, local dishes, pasta, drinks, desserts and of course cold, mixed and hot coffees. 

I got myself a white choco mocha, a hot coffee mixed with white choco.   Love, love the presentation.
Starbucks don't have this... A slice of strawberry cake to go with it, funny though it was topped with a cherry.   The cake was pink and moist, the topping was jelly-like and really tasted like strawberry flavor, like what i use for my strawberry cupcakes and pies.  It has sidings of marbled chocolate.  It was not too sweet for me and my hubby.

I couldn't resist the mousse cakes arrayed on their display glass, they only have three, since it was about to be 10 in the evening.   So we got to try the "pandan mousse cake. "   It was big enough for two to three people to share with, however it is not a good accompaniment for their coffee mixes like the ones we had.   Brewed coffee and tea may be good for it.   The cake was light-green in color resembling pandan flavor, cake and mousse layered topped with a sort of pandan jelly and white chocolate served on a chocolate cup-like.   This is an one of a kind mousse, very native, colorful yet flavorful.  I've always loved pandan not only for it's unusual flavour and essence but for medicinal benefits as well.

Not to mention, what my hubby got for his cup,  the usual cappuccino.   To make it more playful and unique, they used transparent beer mugs to make it even livelier, the cappuccino was sprinkled with cinnamon.

 Another thing,  the whole site was inviting yet relaxing,  clean and spacious, the interior was chic and modern.  Parking spaces are available.  It opens  early and closes at 11 pm.   They also have a bread rack so you can take home, their pan de sal, specialty breads and tikoy, I even brought home a box of white tikoy for my kids.

Wishing we could visit the place again for bounty dishes and maybe try out their breads and other cakes.   And hoping we could visit another place like this!   More coffee please...

Sugar Bites Restaurant
Dr. A Santos Ave. Sucat, Paranaque City
Telephone Nos: 782-4577 or 8288332


  1. There are a lot of unfamous coffee shops around manila. This one is a must-try. Hope I don't get disappointed. I Love Coffee din! ;)

  2. Coffees are superb!, Even bought a box of tikoy, Sarap!

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