Friday, January 28, 2011

First Take on Angel's Pizza Station

Me, my hubby and two of my kids love pizza.
I have been an old fan of Pizza Hut and my family, Calipes Family, have wonderful memories with Shakey's.   We've tried to make our own for "meryenda."    We've tried to eat different variations of pizza at almost anywhere, were they would offer the pie on their menu.   From cheap take-outs to expensive diners, yet more and more restaurants are offering different kicks to enjoy the renowned Italian pie.
It was early January where we met a blogger at a certain event, he gave both me and Dan, a VIP card from Angel's Pizza and Pasta.   That's how we were introduced to this pizza.
I was pondering on how this pizza could survive a market who is accustomed to the BIG names in the pizza industry in our country.
How can this pizza be any different  from the usual...?
With their several branches nationwide we tried it out at Golf City, Pasig, just last night.
The store as can be viewed on the main entrance of a building, looks like a takeout center, were you see big ovens.   Not until we asked a staff, we wouldn't know that there is a place to dine in.   An alley leading to a white door will take you there.   Has about 10 to 15 seating capacities including the place outside, a veranda I've guessed.
Not only were we there for the taste of the pizza but also for the promos on the VIP card that was given to us.
On with the pizza, we ordered Angel's Extra Feast in Medium size and  Family Angel's Delight.   Since we have a promo or discount card we were able to get the medium pizza for free.    We decided to have the Family pizza to be taken out as "pasalubong" for our kids.   After about 12 minutes we got our Angel's Extra Feast.   It looked really yummy and indeed it was.   Unlike other famous pizza parlors their crust was tossed so finely that it is not that thick, easy on the teeth and crunchy at the bottom.   It is not greasy, what I sometimes hate eating pizza slices was when you bite it, part of the oil on the crust, gushes out an drips on your lips and you get oils on your fingers, that is if you eat pizzas with bare hands.
The sauce has the right spice to it, it is not sour nor sweet, nor too salty.  I like it.   The toppings are overwhelmingly luscious.   However, they put a little grated mozzarella cheese, hopefully they put more next time.

After enjoying our pizza, we left the place and headed home, pizza monsters are waiting for us.   To my disappointment the Family pizza we ordered does not look so inviting.   There are a few toppings.   The sides are sooo big, that we could not eat it, looks like an ordinary bread to us, wishing it has something hidden inside like sauce or cheese, heheh.   To be honest, we can count the toppings.   But my kids has nothing to say, all they know is that we have pizza and still tasted good.   But they said Pizza Hut was their choice.   I'll definitely bring them next time to Yellow Cab.
With this horrendous experience would I still buy pizza with them?   Maybe I would, I still have to try their thin crust pizzas and Calzones  or maybe other branch would not be as bad as this one.   Hopefully they would not serve this way to anyone, I do care about having free pizzas and all, but they have to remember that they will still be selling even after the promo ends.   People will consider the quality more than the quantity, I'm not speaking for everybody but I would rather enjoy what I am putting in my mouth rather than keeping my stomach full, but of course my eyes and nose will still have to be sufficed in the process.

Love the wall paintings of their angel logo.

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