Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Endless Possibilities of Celebrating with Feliz Dish & Details

Throwing a festive fete can be exasperating, but when managed properly and a little help from creative people who walk the talk, having one can be so rewarding and fun.

Parties are getting more and more novel, and Pinterest can be of help or could add to the confusion.  Whether you want to go with the trend or just have it simple, your event, intimate or grand, can be memorable and worth the effort.

Last Saturday, I was able to attend the launch of Feliz Dish and Details.  But prior to that, I received a wonderful invitation that came in this gorgeous little party in a box.

This gave me quite an idea of what to expect but, blown-away I was.

Found these kids amusing themselves with these huge balloons, wished I could take the balloons home.

I started off with a welcome drink, a choice of white or red sangria with fresh slices of fruits.

On the other end of the room, is a spread worthy of binging.

Deli nibbles for a perfect afternoon party beautifully-laid together with an assortment of cheese, fruits and

First drink from the event - White Sangria with strawberries and lychee.

The event took place at the Whitespace Manila.

Feliz Dish and Details gave the guests a peek on what they offer in the line of party organizing business.  From the food, the ambiance and theme of your event up to the tiniest details such as games, activities and tablescape, you can leave your woes behind and let Feliz work their magic for you.

Yes! You can literally have fairy god mothers on your party!

They're Christine Locsin and Patricia Cheung, sisters-in law, who will make your party a blast.  Their company, only a year older, is a one-stop shop for your party needs.

  • Invitation cards/menu cards/nameplates
  • dining paraphernalia for kiddies events
  • party poppers
  • games and party hosts
  • DIY activities 
  • cutomized styling 
  • furniture
  • chic and customizable tablesape
  • backdrop, buntings,decorations
  • floral arrangement
  • cakes and pastries
  • cocktails and refreshments
  • catering services
All you need is a venue, or you can just have it at the comfort of your own home.

Together with some artisanal purveyors, we all indulged and the kids would really tell all the fun things they did and including enjoying the food that were offered.

Coffee from Slurp.

Pastry stand from Cupcakes by Sonjas

Gin-infused iced tea from #HendricksGin.

For a chic adult party or just a family affair, having a cocktail service would just be dreamy and you can just Mimosa all your party stress away.

If you want to take all the credits prepping for an amazing party and you can keep up doing it on your own but still having worries were to get all the things you need to set up one, again, Feliz Dish and Details is just a call away.

They can custom-design a box for you, full of all the things you might need.  So hassle-free.

Just give them a call at 0917 8457967 or email them at

To get updated on their activities, do follow them in Instagram @felizdishdetails and Facebook.

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