Saturday, June 10, 2017

#MindaNOW: A United Pop-Up Benefit at Providore, SM Aura

June 12...

What is it to us?

Independence, nationalism, freedom?

At this point, I don't think many people would be in a celebratory mood, as our brothers and sisters, either Muslims or not are in grave threat due to our armed forces battle against the Maute group in Marawi.

June 12, as of now, as many Filipinos see it was set to be the government's deadline to cease the said siege.

As June 9, MindaNews said,"the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) reported a total of 252,638 (52,460 families) have been displaced by the armed conflict in Marawi."

There are some who have risen up, formed a group and did heroic acts of saving the people who got stuck in the crossfires, even without carrying firearms.  Muslims saving Christians, soldiers sacrificing their own lives.  We, are here, watching, and praying that this terrorism ends, NOW.
But, what else can we do?

In war torn cities not only are their streets evacuated, their houses burned, belongings left, probably looted, kids couldn't go to school, displaced citizens probably gone hungry, worried of what will happen next.

Like the few good men who courageously went saving people in Marawi, we can also be heroes in our own little ways. Aside from praying for them, we can act, through donations.

This afternoon, I visited Providore Backyard as they support a United Pop-up Event with SOUL.

This event may not really be pushing for what Independence Day ought to be, but far worthiest than thou, as we can have an opportunity to be heroes to our fellow Filipinos caught in the siege, after all is that what being free ought to be -independent from invaders of ones' country?

There are so many ways in how you can help them through this pop-up:

1. Shop local products showcasing Mindanao's heritage and finest artisanal products featuring brands who take root from the Southern Peninsula.

The proceeds of this event will benefit Culturaid and Young Moro Professionals Network for our displaced kababayan from Marawi.

As long as we keep on adorning ourselves with these work or arts, they continue to weave, thus, helping them make a living and continue a good life.

2. Donate clothes, hygiene kits, malong, canned goods and get a 10% of your purchase.

3. Learn about the culture of our Muslim brothers and sisters,

Traditional Maranao dance and music

Check out weaving demos and a talk, Memories of Marawi, by Tasneem and Nesreen Abdulrauf. Meet the makers behind Herman & Co, Akaba, The Manila Collectible Co. and Yakang Yaka.

4. Buy coffee from Providore's pantry, specifically Kauman Sulu Coffee.

Have a taste of Kauman (kaw man) Sulu Coffee and one of Tausug's native delicacy -  bang bang, made out of thin pancake, stuffed with caramelized coconut then rolled. 

What is Kauman Coffee?

In Tausug, the word Kauman means community.  In this case however, it's a premium robusta coffee made by Tausug farmers, dedicated on the right way of picking coffee cherries.  Here, only the red and ripe cherries are picked to ensure the quality of delicious taste of the beans.  Together with the very fertile soil in Sulu, and their manner of picking, the coffee does not lend an acidic and bitter taste.

Buying this coffee means to employ as many Tausug farmers in coffee farms, so they do not have to resort to evil means and continue to jeopardize the peace and order in the city.  This also means increasing the demand for Sulu Coffee.

This is Herman and Co.'s battle cry, #FarmsOverArms.

So, if you want really good coffee and help in the cause, have your cup at Providore or take it home and buy from Providore.

Lastly, my heart really breaks for what's happening, not only for our fallen and injured armed forces, but more so, for the lives ruined because of the Maute's terrorism. 

Let me end with these words by Nesreen Cadar Abdulrauf (also published in Inquirer) at the said event:
"Thus, it was not entirely surprising that last May 23, four days before the start of Ramadhan, the holy month of fasting, the Maute group attacked Marawi, stirring chaos and horror among peace-loving residents and forcing them to flee. That same day, President Duterte declared martial law in the whole of Mindanao and suspended the privilege of the writ of habeas corpus. 
Many ask why the Maute group is terrorizing Marawi and inflicting suffering on fellow Muslims. I can only wonder why they seek recognition from the IS in order to get funding and ammunition and carry on with their misled and deviant faith.
Islam is a complete way of life. The Holy Koran is encompassing on how Muslims should lead their lives socially, economically and politically. It includes jurisprudence on jihad or holy war.
The Koran has many passages describing how martyrdom should not cause harm to others. The Prophet Muhammad (may peace and blessings be upon him) laid down the rules of engagement, such as not attacking a temple, a church, a synagogue, and even not bringing a tree or a plant down. Islam further obliges Muslims to submit to a peace treaty offered by an enemy.
The acts of the Maute group do not represent jihad. Let that be a resounding statement."

The pop-up is on-going till June 11 to 10 PM.

Providore Backyard is at the Upper Ground Floor of SM Aura.


Sunday Wandering at the Manila Collectible Co.

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