Thursday, June 29, 2017

Luxurious Villa-living at Espacio Verde Resort, Roxas City

On the third day of our Roxas-Carles exploration, we found respite.

I knew from the start that island-living may not be for my kids (I'm just a reluctant mom, always thinking of what's most comfortable for my babies).  So, I needed to end this four-day tour with an anxiety-free stay, something to prep us from the flight back to Manila and then go back to our normal, too occupied lives.

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This hotel/resort had been one of my best decision ever.
(And this is not a paid/sponsored post!)

Coming from a three-hour travel (by boat and bus, oh and a van), from Islas de Gigantes, we were all exhausted and would really want to have a hot shower and lay in a comfortable mattress in an air-conditioned room, which we didn't had in the island.

Our last ride was from a tricycle and we were afraid the driver would be caught with a violation of over-capacity (since we're six), it was 20-minute ride from where we were dropped off to Brgy. Dayao, and guess what, not too many locals know where or what Espacio Verde is, good thing one driver who passed by know it but asked us to pay him more than P 200.

We were quite relieved upon seeing the gate of Espacio Verde however, the gate for the hotel was on the other street and we needed to walk about a kilometer to reach it.  But we did like the ambiance as the path was through a lush garden with a man-made lake on the right.  My kids had to wait on the garden at the pool before we got to confirm our room.

The concierge was very accommodating and kind and we were given keys right away, however we needed to pay extra for the two kids' breakfast.

As you can see the lobby was very homey, as if you got into a "bahay-bakasyunan" or vacation villa.

Seeing the villas made me feel I was home, serene, surrounded with a beautiful garden and the villas were quite new and spacious.

We got all-excited seeing our room, and everyone just ran into the beds.  Though they knew I had to take a photo of the room first so I have a memory of it still in order and Instagrammable.

What else can I say?  With beds comfortable, clean sheets and simple uncluttered-look, nothing I could ask for more in a sleeping quarter.

Another thing to describe the villa is luxurious.

To date, this is the only hotel who offers state-of-the-art coffee machines. At the touch of the button, you can enjoy gourmet coffee and tea, CBTL for that.

Excuse our sandy slippers and backpacks...

Each room has its own office desk, armoire complete with LCD TV and coffee table at the end.

Our villa have a balcony too, my little getaway from the noise my family makes at times.

The view from our balcony.  Lovely neighbor villas and the pool.

The bathroom was equally gorgeous.

Stylish wall tiles to boot. Has hot and cold shower, a must for us!

Espacio Verde lobby

The path leading to our unit.

Breakfast the next day was also commendable.  We started off with three kinds of fruits and beverages of choice.

Bunso (the youngest child) had pancakes bacon and egg.

Tapa with egg and fried rice for the others.

Mine was the yummiest corn beef (homemade)

After breakfast, the pack played Monopoly (for the first time).

The place is so picturesque and when you're booked at the hotel, you have unlimited use of the pool with slides.

We definitely had fun, and the total relaxation we had been wanting plus precious bonding time.

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Address: Barangay Dayao, Roxas City, Capiz
Phone: (036) 522 8383


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  4. Hi,

    Thank you very much for this article, and we are truly grateful that you had a great time during your stay with us and we couldn't be more happy than knowing that we are able to make another family have a wonderful time together. Hoping to see you back here, thank you and cheers!

    1. Thank you too! We just hoped to have spent more time here. Kudos to your wonderful staff.

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