Sunday, February 22, 2015

Hotel Review: Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar and Cafe Marivent

In about 3 days, we will be celebrating our wedding anniversary.  Before the year 2010, we never really spent a lot of time and money in commemorating our wedding anniversary.  We thiought that simple gifts for each other and greeting each other would be enough.  All that changed when my husband understood my needs as a woman and his wife.  I just praise God for making him the kindof husband that I have been praying for.  Well don't get me wrong, he did work his ass of to provide for the family however no such better investment were put to our marriage.

To make the long ang boring story short he made amends and proved to be very generous in lavishing me with love on our special day, the day God and the law made us one.

There was this particular celebration we shared some years ago that I have to say I have highly esteemed.  It was when he bought an overnight accommodation to Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar in Bataan.

Here are my articles on that:

The sights, the tour, the whole place was just perfect for our likings.  But above all,  our dwelling throughout the night counted more from the trip.  So ok this is beyond your reading already...

Since it was just the two of us, we stayed on the well-appointed De Luxe room which was valued at P 4500 ++ per night (which can still accommodate to up to two more kids).  This comes with free breakfast for two at Cafe Marivent.  

It was one of the rooms of Paseo de Escolta along with Studio with Loft and Executive Suites.  The said building was however the only not-so-authentic building compared tothe other old reconstructed buildings inside the resort.  

Paseo de Escolta is a replica of the hotel in  Escolta, Manila during the 1900.  Consists of 16 rooms in all, each room promises to be at par to modern hotels in Manila with that classic touch of the old world.

The amineties include Wifi, LED Tv that has cable, coffee and tea bar, safe and plenty of storage cabinets.

The bed is comfy covered in taintless white fresh-scented sheets, with bedside tables on both sides.  I love that the bed can be concealed with white curtains, it made the room all romantic.     

Even the bathroom were well-thought of with delicate and dainty cream motif, achieving, this time, a contemporary look with modern-comfort amenities.

Lounging in the bath tub was divine.

Each room also has its own veranda overlooking the plaza and the vast vicinity of Las Casas.

There are only two restos during the time we visited, the Cafe Marivent, where breakfast is being served or at La Bella Teodora.  But let me advise you that food might be at a premium at those restaurants.

Check our dining experience at La Bella Teodora at the link below:

Inside and out of the restaurant are highly priced artworks showcased to the visitors.  Just look at this wall inside the cafe.  The wall was ornated with huge two-dimensional relief also known as embossed or raised sculptures.  Again it pictures Filipino culture as largely defined in the whole resort.

Stepping inside the cafe was liking coming back in time, to your grandparents' old house.  Wooden floors, old wood roof beams, wooden furniture, pina cloth table runners and the details intricated with antiquity.

Our early meandering around the resort, was interrupted with a sizable Filipino breakfast which we both started with a local brewed Arabica coffee.

It was great to come here really early and be seated at this window with the view of the plaza and Casa Mexico on the background.

Cafe service was exceptional, since we were up at dawn we waited outside for the cafe to open, upon seeing us waiting, the gardener advised the restaurant staff about us and just like that they opened 30 minutes earlier.  With the restaurant ready to cater to our hunger.

Hers - a plate of boneless daing na bangus, sunny side egg, garlic rice and a slice of watermelon.

They even took a photo of us.

His - Tocino, scrambled egg, garlic rice and a slice of watermelon.

Being married can be sometimes tiring, cumbersome and may even be hurtful if not properly managed.  Like any business or work, you need the passion to fuel it, and not to turn a blind eye on, love, faith and hope, specially on Love.


  1. I would say, that hotel is magnificent... the historical interior is just amazing.

  2. What a very nice setting. Looks like home almost!

  3. It looks like a very clean and cozy hotel to relax and unwind with the love of our lives.

  4. Nice room you got there. Cool interior design and good amenities added.

  5. Yes, marriage is forever a work in progress. This is one place I will not tire going back to.


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