Saturday, February 14, 2015

Before One Saturday Night Ended at Greenfield Weekend Market

Just as I was still hoping to check out the rest of Kapitolyo, Pasig's food establishments, a new weekend go-to place has emerged, and one that I would not get tired of coming back for.  Well, I'm a mom so going to the market and visits to the grocery or food fairs are always on my list.  

I've been informed about The Greenfield Weekend Market since it has launched and it has been in my plan to visit having found out that a certain store is selling herbs and the elusive green superfood, kale.  I do have a kale plant already but I can only use up to two leaves every three days.

But alas, it took me months to check out the market.  and boy, what a good discovery we have bumped into.

 So, the next day, I took it to myself to prepare a super-juice to boost my family's immune system with the organic fruits and veggies I got for the night market.

I bought a big red beet, carrots, cherry tomatoes, a hefty bunch of basil leaves, plants - rosemary and kale and some home scents anti dust-mites spray from an organic product.

Allow me share my fresh juice for the day -

Beet-kale Juice.


1 medium cucumber
1 large red beet
1 medium carrot
2 apples
bunches of kale
thumb-sized ginger (optional)

Feed them all one by one to the juicer.  I use Breville's


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