Saturday, August 16, 2014

The Royal Piccadilly Tea Time with my Bestie

In the most unpredictable times, my friend from college would invite for a lunch out.  The concerned friend that I am, glee bottled up, have thought of an idea that would not really bother her too much of having to drive or brave the city's traffic just for us to do some catching up.  This idea was conceived when I was checking out royalty themes for a friend's wedding preparation.  I got to check in at a Facebook page through this link.

I tagged her on a post about Royal Piccadilly's Afternoon Set, and so began the scheduling and rescheduling of the meet up.  Situated at the 2nd floor of  Petron La Vista Gas Station, along Katipunan Ave, it's the most convenient place for her, though not for me.

Anyways, here are some photos I got from the place, I can't really decide whether it was a typical British interior design, since they do boast about the place being inspired by the owner's lives spent in London.

We were seated in front of this wall display cabinet.  I was totally in awe.  I've been 

The place is a nice for intimate or small group parties.  Famous for being a venue for baptismal, anniversary and birthday parties, they to not only cater the food but can also customize the event for you with that specialized cake as the center of the attraction of the event.

Our lunch was spent sipping cups after cups of brewed teas.

I came late so I wasn't able to take a photo of what my bestie got for lunch.  While I gorged on a huge serving of Ceasar Salad.  With that, my friend loathed me for being "plastic" on dining.

For the tea time part these are what we had.  More teas and a serving of quartered sandwich, scones and two other pastries for the day.

It was not as spectacular as expected, since we limited ourselves to a budget and we would just want to sample some of the pastries.  Frankly, I was a bit disappointed with it, well, maybe because I'm a baker and I know my pastries all too well.

I would still recommend the place though, I've heard they have other dishes on the menu that are worth the trip here.  I hope to try them next time though.

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