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12 Monkeys Music Hall and Pub

A Terry Gilliam film, “Twelve Monkeys” is a 1995 film now turned classic, have grossed over 150 million dollars worldwide and gave Brad Pitt an Oscar nomination.  It featured an impressive set of actors, namely Bruce Willis, Madeleine Stowe and Brad Pitt.  It talked about time travels, apocalyptic prophesy about the Army of the twelve monkeys and oh wait, I'm not writing about a movie review albeit the word-of-mouth going on around the trendsetters and foodies. 

Allow me to introduce the locally-based Army of the 12 Monkeys, who happens to be the namesake of this new funky place now getting uproars in Century City Mall, Makati.  If you think this is just another of such watering holes popping up in the vicinity, you are wrong!

Check out their Facebook page and see why people crowd the place.

I was in high spirits after a night at 12 Monkeys on their soft opening last July 4, and I don't even need to get intoxicated with alcohol.  There is always that special something when you get to discover new places to hang out at and of course enjoy gastronomic offerings.

Let me describe the delight by sharing why I like it, in fact, I like it 12 times as much.

First, it's not just a bar!

A great bar, in my opinion is not always one in which the drinks are outstandingly crafted,  made with attention and the finest ingredients, but rather a bar that knows exactly what it is, what it offers, and, most importantly, treats its guests as welcome friends.  That's how the 12 Monkeys have envisioned the place.

Their bar list is so extensive, and there will always be a concoction right for you.  To make the night more exciting better try some of the cocktails, my table mates that night had Very Berries (P 250) and Peach Sangria (P 250).  

Secondly, feel at home with fresh fruit juices and shakes 

If however you have one too many excuses from not drinking, you can opt to have fresh juices or get refreshed with their fresh fruit shakes.   I had the Fresh Pineapple Shake (P 125) and might I say, I have found the best tasting pineapple shake.  You can really tell only fresh ingredients go in to your drinks.

Music is good, crowd friendly and diverse

If you think this place is only for the yuppies or for the young ones, you are again wronged.  According to Ivan Zalameda, one of the (12 monkeys), they have the whole member of the family in mind when they have thought of what music to play here.  They don't only cater to a specific music genre, everyday is a schedule of specific music, one for acoustics, then for the jazz-lovers, for those whose hearts belong to rock and there's also a day for the young once (the oldies and the goodies, so they say).

Co-owned by Philippines' music icons

On the photo:  (L to R) Yani, Champ and Aylin Vedad
Chito Miranda of Parokya ni Edgar and Champ Lui Po of Hale are the two personalities who have a great impact on how the place turns about.  Champ who also runs a music production business can easily cope up with the demand of his music business having a cool place to have his talents aboard and making it his other playground.  

Of course a photo-op with the main man of Parokya ni Edgar

We know Chito Miranda may now be busy with the wedding preps, after popping the question to her long time GF Neri Naig, but it was one of those nights when you get to see him jamming with his friends here.  I'm a big fan of him so I didn't let the opportunity pass by.

12 Monkey's Picha Pie on the menu

Still, getting in the flow of Parokya's influence in Pinoy Rock music, a Picha Pie menu has to be there.  I just had to take a photo of this page, for it was fun reading the names of the pizza choices.  Unique in some ways and very innovative but not being outrageously fusion.

I got to try three kinds - Rock' A Feller Pizza, Sisig Pizza and Palabok Pizza.

Among the three varieties that we had my favorite was the Rock'a Feller.  I love, love the idea of not using tomato-based sauces for the pizzas.  Aside from the crackling crispiness of the thin crusts, the toppings are wild.  This has oysters, creamed spinach and a mix of two of my fave cheeses, mozzarella and parmigiano.

Then, there is The Sisig Tribute, a homage to the culinary capital of the Philippines, Pampanga, and where Ivan also had come from.  This, however, is not new to me.  There is a cafe along Roxas Blvd. that serves unique Filipino takes of pizzas, such as Sisig pizzas.  Do read about it and other cool pizza pie creations HERE.

Another thing that I love about their pizzas is that they are not greasy, best partner for whatever beverages.  The Sisig Tribute has crispy pork sisig, quail eggs and green chili on a crust with a thin layer of mozzarella cheese all drizzled with garlic-mayo.

Now, prepared to be blown away.  This one, I could have not thought of, seriously.  When it was served on our table, I could have not guessed that whatever on that "bilao" is a pizza.  "Seriously!" - was exactly my expression when the wait-staff said it's Palabok Pizza.  Ivan's Palabok Pizza is simply palabok over a thin crusted pizza.  Everything that's best about palabok is there.

Eating Lite and Healthy

Fun can be different to many people, that includes the manner of eating.  For those on a diet but still wants to rock it with the right calories while on a dreamy concert, you can either have Planet of the Apes (Caesar's Salad, get it?) (P 290) or South of the Border Salad (P 320). An order can serve up to three.

Pub Grubs

Happiness equals more than one bottle of San Mig, a plate full of Buffalo Wings, and heaps of laughter with a background music that would keep your heart in a beat.

For me, however, some grubs on certain pubs are enough.  That is because I don't drink, but I do love hanging out on pubs, specially if I'm with the people I love.  12 Monkeys have a menu enough to have you both entertained and your tummies full.

Here are some of them...

The photo above may seem to resemble any typical buffalo wings, but the Flying Wings (P 399) is the game changer!  Of course the chicken wings are spiced so much it would burn your lips to the roof, however what sets this plate apart from the others is the original hot sauce with a lip-smacking burnt-sugar syrup it is mixed with, made complete with crisp veggies and blue cheese dip.

St. Peter's Eggs (P 350), funny how they changed "Manok ni San Pedro" (St. Peter's Rooster) to St. Peter's Eggs, nevertheless, it didn't fail even to satisfy my palate.  I'm not a fan of "balut" (boiled duck embryo), but this made the curious me eating up a whole egg.  The dish actually is composed of shelled balut simmered in a mix of crab fat and chili butter sauce.  Spell deadly for me!  Though sometimes we need to explore a bit on new flavors, this should be on your list, the rich sauce will get your palate all excited, but let me again warn you, the delish dish is high in cholesterol.

Rice Bowls and Hearty Dishes enough to earn them a Tatler's Restaurant Award

Warning!  Another devil is in the menu, but it's the kind of devil worth devouring!  
Crab Fat Rice (P340) is the kind of food you may want to have with a hot tea after, but the ultimate cheat rice dish.  The fatty rice is swimming in buttery crab aligue (roe) sauce and is partnered with a couple chunks of crispy pork belly that was deep-fried and finished of with sides, atchara and green mangoes, to take off that"umay"-factor from all the fatty ingredients

On the other hand, I'm a huge fan of Pares, so Midnight in Pares (P 290) definitely made it on my list.  Pares, is the local version of braised beef but made different and more savory with many spices and msg (mono sodium glutamate) .   Pares, a Filipino word which means "pair" was used for this particular viand because it is eaten paired with fried rice or Sinangag.

At 12 Monkeys, Pares was reinvented.  Apart from being served atop a rice, they made the sauce thicker and sweet.  They also topped it with slivered scrambled eggs.

Then, there are the grilled meats, to end all feasts, the Barbeque Feast (P 780).  A large boat-shaped plate carrying a Java rice to serve 3 to 4 hungry people, grilled pork spareribs, the longest Pork Skewer I have laid my eyes on, Chicken Barbeque Wings and pickled vegetables.  Can you imagine me eating each blackened meat with a sticky fingers?  I definitely did and had licked them sauce too!

Definitely leave room for desserts, if you can still manage!

How can this made me even happier?  Dessert is a must for me.  After having to try a couple of piquantly satisfying dishes, a meal has to end right with some sweets.

How about some fork bites of the Chunky Monkey Pie (P 290)?

It's actually a pie gone bananas.  To put it this way, it's a twist on Banana Cream Pie, like my favorite Ben and Jerry's Ice cream (Chunky Monkey).  The creamy banana-flavored pie was set beautifully on a peanut brittle based crust amplified with caramel (or peanut butter sauce).

Not for the faint-hearted dessert maker, this Crepe Cake is another winning mark that definitely hits the spot! Crepes are layered and garnished with fruit compote.  You may not find this in the menu, but try to ask the staff about it.

The Armies of The 12 Monkeys
  1. Chito Miranda of Parokya ni Edgar 
  2. Champ Lui Po of Hale  
  3. Jinno Rufino of BTV/Solar Sports 
  4. Neil Arce, a professional poker player
  5. GP Reyes (71 Gramercy)
  6. Neil Paras (Big Bad Wolf) 
  7. JM Rodriguez (Prive) 
  8. Keith Haw (Ptive) 
  9. Raymond Magdaluyo (Sumo Sam), 
  10. Jerico Salonga (Vask)  
  11. Ivan Zalameda (Beso Cucina Vinoteka)
  12. DJ Tony Toni of Boys Night Out
These are the guys behind 12 Monkeys who have crafted doing monkey businesses in their turf.

Finally, the Location

It's all about location, location!

Aptly located at the new world-class shopping and entertainment complex, dubbed as the mall of modern Makati- Century City Mall.  

Address:   5/F Century City Mall, Kalayaan Ave., Makati City
Contact Nos: 0999-8830763, 0916-4444055


  1. Everything looks tasty, the pizza makes me hungry!

    1. I guarantee you Ms. Chubskulit Rose, they are very tasty:)

  2. the food looks great and the ambiance looks cozy comfortable to relax in that place.

    1. hmmm, i'm not sure if you could relax in the place, they do have ample space inside and out, however, with the daily gigs and event scheduled, the place gets full house right away.

  3. Definitely class and a luxury taste. I want to try it here :)

  4. Replies
    1. Hi Kara, it's actually, at the back of Makati Ave's A. Venue. It's far from Makati Pen since the hotel is at Ayala.

  5. Oh my, what a time to be reading this blog post! Its almost dinnertime for me and my belly gave a loud growl just by viewing the pictures! I will share this post with my daughter. She is a HUGE fan of Parokya ni Edgar and has a great crush on Chito Miranda. (so much that it makes her boyfriend jealous!). Haha. She might visit the place because she works in Makati and is usually on a Friday Night Out with her boyfriend. Thanks for sharing!

  6. whew, that yellow rice is so inviting!!! I am one of those who has one too many excuses about not drinking alcohol, fruit shakes would be fine with me :)

  7. My oh my! I'm drooling here! The place looks good. I'd like to try their Peach sangria! :D

  8. Everything looks yummy. Very I catching talaga ang name. But I can't come over there kasi if ever 13 na monkeys dyan..

  9. Wow! Looks like a place perfect to unwind and have fun! Nice!

  10. I want to try their rice bowls and their Sisig Pizza! I'll recommend this new resto to hubby so he could treat us there. Thanks for the heads-up!

  11. All the food in their menu are very mouthwatering from the main dish, drinks and dessert.

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