Thursday, August 14, 2014

Gustare Kitchen

"Potrei gustare di cioccolatini per tutto il giorno!"  

As much as I want to claim the above sentence which is written in Italian language I simply can't, for health purposes.  In English, it means "I can enjoy chocolates all day!" 

However, this post isn't all about chocolates, it all about relishing and enjoying sweets at Gustare Kitchen. To zero in on what the namesake of the restaurant (I recently discovered) means, I had to use is in a sentence. Gustare is an Italian word which can can connote many usages with a single meaning.  It can be translated in English as "to taste," "to enjoy or savor," "to appreciate" and also "to please."

Foodies who know this place allegedly call this "sha gilid ng The Goose Station."   Oh well, I did try my best to be a slapstick here.  It is however, tucked in behind the latter fine dining restaurant.  Located at one of the W buildings at BGC, this one is on the 39th St.

I came to know about this "secret-y" place during the media tour at BGC for the BGC Eats 2014 campaign. Gustare Kitchen as how Ginny Reyes-De Guzman had described it is a commissary that sells frozen food like lasagna, beef stroganoff, pot roast, various cheese spreads and dips plus luscious baked goodies like cookies, cakes and pies; laboratory/kitchen/bakeshop/business base, and a private dining,  all rolled into one.

The owner and chef proprietor is Ginny de Guzman, well known restaurateur and cook book author, with two of her books photographed here. 

On our visit, she prepared sweets to die for, all has something to do with the science behind using eggs in pastries.

Meringue Kisses

Canonigo with Custard Sauce

Calamansi Sans Rival

Strawberry Lemon juice

You can also find preserved foods in their pantry to buy that's good for bringing home as pasalubong.

Loving these copper cauldrons stashed above the wire rack.


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