Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Pub Burrito's Dinuguan Burrito

Foodies have been pretty stoked on new Mexican restaurants opening around Manila.  Honestly, I was in every bit jealous of them.  I've been stuck at home with some online jobs and with kids' activities that I haven't had the time to try out some of them.  There is however, one staple and one of my favorite Mexican food which I have been dying to try, curiosity kills the cat as the saying goes.

 Kia Del Rosario, one of the sisters who owns The Kneutral Creations, a trendy fashion line which supports true Filipino hand-made products, have been posting her other passion on Facebook.  Aside from being crafty and fashionably sensible she also is a well-endowed chef and have recently joined a series of culinary competitions such as The Next Big Food Entrepreneur and just recently, at the Food for Change at Mercato Centrale.
PUB Buritto, short for Pinoy’s Ultimate and Bestselling Burrito is what keeps her busy also.   Filipino dishes inspired burritos are what Chef Kia swanks about.  Not that we are tired of the good old Taco Bell style burritos, but it's good that she tries to break new grounds in serving foodies with her burittos.  
And finally, after giving in to my cravings for Mexican food, I started with PUB Burittos.  When I found out that they are part of UN's and Knorr's recent project - Food for Change, together with hubby, we went to Mercato Centrale last Saturday and headed straight to their booth. 
 When it comes to food, my choice is always eclectic.  Of course, why would we try regular dishes, that will be boring to review or write about.  So, when she announced that they will be dishing up Dinuguan for their new Burrito flair, I got interested.
On the booth, you can plainly see that they use only fresh vegetables and meat, all the ingredients are laid out in an organized and clean manner.
They make everything from scratch, the carnetas (the meat filling), and yes, the Dinuguan.  The tortilla is also home-made, they get it fresh from the oven of an Iranian friend .
For those who don't know what Dinuguan is, it's a pork blood stew, a Filipino, savory stew of blood and meat simmered in a rich, spicy gravy of pig blood, garlic, chilies, and vinegar.   Originating from the word "dugo" or blood, it's a controversial dish even for many Filipinos, one, for its unbecoming religious influences and well, second, healthy issues which has grave as well The term Dinuguan come from the word dugo which means blood. It is similar to a Singapore dish, pig’s organ soup
 As you can see, a scrumptious serving of the sour and savory blood stew was laden over layers of peppers, onions, cabbage, and cucumber.
 Spoonfuls of steamed rice is finally carpeted over the whole stuff before the tortilla is rolled and wrapped.
 Looky,  here is a cross-section of my Dinuguan Buritto. I like how the sauce of the Dinuguan blended well with the everything in the buritto.  It was sour enough as an alternative to the regular sour cream and bean filling.  The rice added as an extender, since the Dinuguan is very liquidy and there is less meat in it.  This buritto rendition is an alternative to the usual "Puto-Dinuguan" pairing for meryenda.
 Another steady fill-me-upper is their beef burrito.  A mildly spiced sauteed beef, it could use a more spice though to liven up the flavor more.  I wonder if putting grated cheese on this would also make more difference.
 While we were enjoying our PUB Burittos, the crowd has started a small pandemonium, as KC Concepcion roamed around the tent and started getting samples from the Food for Change participants.
Even this sweetheart celebrity is addicted to selfies!   She grabbed first the Takoyaki Balls which I also buy at Mercato Centrale.

To know more about them, you can contact them at this numbers 0922 814 1625.

Do add them up at FACEBOOK as well: PUB Burrito.

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