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General's Lechon and a Love Story

The old Italian proverb, “He who has a partner has a master, “seems doubly true for spouses who go into business together.  The benefit of such an intertwined focus can be substantial, though some may disagree, coming from opposite vantage points, as he is from Mars and she's from Venus.  Exactly quoting from Dr. John Gray's book-Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus.
“If I seek to fulfill my own needs at the expense of my partner, we are sure to experience unhappiness, resentment, and conflict. The secret of forming a successful relationship is for both partners to win.”
The story of how General's Lechon came about was as endearing as any love story every married couple has, kept like a treasured possession, with a few misunderstandings here and there.  For Bryan Ong however, his love for his wife is apprised on a vibrant orange banner that says General's Lechon.   Jokingly suggesting why General's, he would give a gaze to Lynn with a grin (as if saying she is my general and this is her lechon).

It all started when Bryan took Lynn to his hometown in San Carlos City of Negros Occidental.  There they tried the local lechon and evidently fell in love with it.  At that time, she was experiencing signs and symptoms of pregnancy (naglilihi) and she would crave for lechon, but  not any lechon, it should be the same lechon she had at San Carlos.
So, out of love for his beloved wife, he had their family's lechonero come over to Manila and prepare lechon the same way he does.   At first the guy would suggest to use native pig to be roasted, but at that time, there were no means to buy a native pig.  Proved to be right, Lynn disliked the outcome, saying "this is not the lechon we had, very different, I like the taste of the lechon we had at Negros."
It took them more than 50 pigs to get it right, eventually getting a supplier for native pigs.  With science, enough capital and complete driving force from Lynn, it turned out to be a blooming business.
From what used to be a small home-business, it is now one of the most loved lechon brand in the metro.  Ranking as the no. 1 lechon of, for 2012.   They are now into expansion, with more products to offer aside from the different Lechon flavors.  Also, on March 20, they will be opening up their first take-out counter which is at Petron gas station at EDSA-Dasmarinas, Makati.
Talking about the four lechon flavors, the Original, Chili-Garlic, Curry and Garlic, I was so blessed to be invited to their own kitchen to try out two of their best-sellers.
 In all it's pageantry...see how compact and shiny they are?  Let's look a little closer...
The secret why it is so flavorful.   This original flavored lechon bulges out a heavy pack of lemon grass and other herbs and spices.  You can also see how thin the fat is, as if it has no fatty meat at all, lean and thin skin is healthier, this is why they opted to use native pigs.   The strong aroma of the herbs filled the kitchen where the lechons were diced and was so, so inviting.
I've taken a picture of one of the standee they be will putting on their store, this is the best way how clients should enjoy General's Lechon.
First,  CRISSCROSS THE SKIN - Mixing the skin with the meat is a big NO! NO! Not only will the crispiness suffer, but a part of our lechon experience is compromised. Serve the skin on a platter, or better yet, eat it straight from the lechon.

Second, GRAB THE RIB - Many say that this is one of the best parts of our lechon. Take a slab or a piece, eat it using your hands, and slowly nibble.
Third, FORK THE BELLY- The belly portion contains the most flavor and is also the tenderest part of our lechon. Go dig in using your fork, and twirl it.  
Fourth, TEAR ME EARS - Lechon aficionados love to eat ears, and we know that. This will be crispy outside, and the cartilage will give you a nice, chewy time. Try it, and the lechon will never look the same way again.  
Lastly, DICE THE BACK AND LEGS -This is usually for the latecomers.  Although we don't like latecomers, we still love them. That is why we made sure that the white meat is still tasty. Feel free to dice this portion.

 Here are the diced up Lechon delights.  The one on the left has the Chili and Garlic stuffing, while next to it is the original stuffing.
 If for any reason why you can't indulge on these roasted pork, they also have roasted chicken,
 Take-home, ready to eat, lechon paksiw in a jar.

The Negros type lechon needs no sauce when eating, since the meat itself is already oozing with enough flavor.   I suggest not to throw the stuffing away for they are best served along with the meat as condiments.   But one best way to indulge in it is to dip the meat in calamansi juice, then in salt.   The play of the zest and saltiness brings out more the flavor and it draws you more in eating it, does that sound bad?
However, if you like a little sweetness and a touch of tangy veggies, you can also buy their atchara.   Let me also tell you, that these are all thought of and made by Lynn herself.

So are you ready to order? 

Contact Info:
Cp. no:  0917 853 2466


  1. I'll look forward to their takeout counter because, although tempting, I can't really buy one whole lechon just for myself!

  2. Uhmm so mag kakaroon pa lang dito sa MAnila? AY? :( Parang matagal pa.
    Ang sarap niya tignan panu pa kung matikman..
    Hahaha.. nafifeel ko na ang leeg ko sumasakit..
    Perfek with pineapple.

  3. Trulala! this one is really drooling to the max.


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