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Be Blown-Away by Outback Steakhouse' Lunch Specials

It's official, I'm back to devouring  a good quantity of meat.   After promising myself and my doctors that I will lay off with my meat consumption for the purpose of not ruining my metabolism and staying fit as possible.  Something has paved the way for me to turn 360 degrees back from a decision I have made long, long ago.   This could be the most wonderful news I will be sharing that will satisfy even the heartiest of carnivore appetites.
My Strawberry Iced Tea

So what could have pushed me to do a drastic decision?  Well, it is not that drastic, I do eat meat, but in small cuts, but vegetables make up most of my meals.  Actually it is not just the 'what', it's more on 'where' I made the decision, and it's at the ever famous Aussie-restaurant Outback Steakhouse (where else).

Coming back to this iconic steak house den, has been, my greatest decision so far early this year.   Never had I have any doubt about how Outback delivers when comes to their menu, much with their steaks.  Thanks to an invitation by the nonetheless foodie man himself, Spanky Enriquez, I was reunited to that time when I had tried their steaks  for the first time (which was a definite love at first bite), which I vouched never to return (with my heart aching and a little bit teary-eyed), else I would have not been this thin.

Notice first, there are a few minor changes in the interior of the restaurants as they have made marked remodeling    But still maintained that laid-back ambiance that is definitely from 'Down Under.'
I could not say any other things about the changes.   I have been here years ago, I couldn't even recall when the last time was, due to the emergence of different food establishments.   Lured, perhaps by the netizens who have been posting new restaurant reviews and some deals along the way.
What a joy making amends to myself and  after those years, I was at the very heart of an ultimate steak experience.
A complimentary, rustic breads with butter were served immediately on our table, as I wait patiently for the treat.
Oh yes!  About my news, I'm sure you've been aching to now what else is new.

Outback Steakhouse had launched their Weekday Lunch Menu with a price to beat other steakhouses'.  As the promo implies, the menu is only available for lunch up until 3 pm, and only from Monday to Friday (just saying).
For starters, you can lightly munch on their thin and crispy flat bread of the day with toppings such as Barbeque Chicken, Margherita and Chicken Romaine (P299).
How about some nasty appetizer such as onion rings in all its crunch, a.k.a. Typhoon Bloom?  This is a huge stack of fried and breaded onions rings enough to share the crowd of 3 to 4 people.
If your eyes are only for the meat, the Kookaburra Chicken is a guaranteed show-stopper.  Here the chicken are well seasoned with chili and spices to resemble knock-out buffalo wings, of course  without the bones, don't forget to complement the spiciness with some gigantic  stalks of fresh celery and the garlic mayo dip.
For a really different appetizer, or a salad starter, with some seafood, make sure to put this on your tab, the Crispy Shrimp Caesar Salad.  Your plate is served like the photo above.  On one side are the crisp fried shrimp, lightly glazed and spiced with Asian chili sauce, while on the other is a fresh Romaine heart of lettuce drizzled with vinaigrette and a slice of lemon.  The waitstaff can prepare the salad for you by cutting the veggies and mixing everything up with a squeeze of the lemon.
For pasta lovers like me, have yourself a hefty serving of their Chicken Parmesan.   The linguine is smothered liberally with their signature marinara sauce, oozing with rich summer tang of fresh tomatoes.   Then a big chunk of filleted chicken breast, breaded and fried to crisp, is smacked right at the top.  All crowned with Swiss cheese and grated Parmesan cheese.
An option for those who may have a strict dietary plan is the Pan Seared Fish in Pesto Linguine.  First off, they made a garlic herb sauce for  the linguine pasta.  On it sit slices of Cream Dory which are lightly breaded and pan seared.  A coating of  pesto and lemon butter made the dish stand out for me.
An Outback classic, the BBQ Pork Ribs.  This huge baby pork ribs was perfectly grilled to give you the fall-of-the-bone delectation.   How can you go wrong with the meat that is so tender and savory with a sauce that is sweet, tangy and seasoned well.  Served along with some French fries, the Aussie style.
How can any lunch be more complete with these, Teriyaki Beef Medallions (P 549).  Prime beef portions are marinated with Teriyaki sauce, fire-grilled with onions, green and red bell peppers.  Served with seasoned rice (something like a java rice) and chosen side dish.  In this case, some buttered veggies.
For kids, this would be a good suggestion, the Chicken Fried Chicken (P 199).  Funny or trivial as it may sound, it goes down the basic of eating a true fried chicken with it's golden brown nature, country styled cooking, while saving the ordinary gravy with a milky white gravy.   A dollop of mashed potato is with it.
Why not pair your food with a sparkling and refreshing glass of spirit free cocktails.  Like what I had, the Barrier Reef Punch.  Beat your thirst with a concoction of  orange, pineapple and calamansi juices, strawberry syrup and topped with Sprite.
Make sure to leave room for their desserts...
Pegged as the "chocolate lover's dream" the Chocolate Thunder from Down Under (P 315) is a towering art of pecan brownie, vanilla ice cream, whipped cream chocolate shavings and warm chocolate fudge.
Maybe you want to try some other sweets but thinking you might not finish them all, well they have thought of that already for you.   Get the Dessert Sampler Trio for only P 475.  Enjoy Chocolate Thunder from Down Under without overly indulging, and sample their New York Cheesecake with a drizzle of either chocolate sauce or raspberry, and the Banana Nut Cake.  The Banana Nut cake is a combination of banana, toffee cake, vanilla ice cream, whipped cream topped with nuts and cinnamon.

I guess this means more family and  barkada bonding moments with these sure-fire tempting offerings that  is so affordable.  This also implies that I have more excuses to do exercises or  visits to the gym.
What say you?

Outback Steakhouse Branches

Alabang Town Center
Telephone: 772 18 44 to 45

Ground Floor Glorrietta 4, Makati
Telephone: 729 84 58 to 59

Telephone: 634 38 01

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