Friday, December 9, 2011

The Winner of Chef's Table GC

Before I give out the name and the link of the one who will be getting the gift cert, let me just let you in for a sec on what I have shared so far through this blog.
My very first give-away was a box of my Chocolate cupcakes and a  voucher for a dozen of Chewy Junior's Cream Puffs.
Here is the link for that:
Ning Buning of won the cupcakes and 
someone who liked my fan page got the Chewy Juniors
Then, for my first blog anniversary, on my Gastronomyby Joy Turns 1.   I hosted a mini dine-out with bloggers who won through their comments as well.   Gave them Kashi Maki's from My Pink Wasabi  and a bottle each Glass Gastronomica, an Italian salad dressing and my chocolate cupcakes.
My kids (as usual) picked Yedy Caluguas of  Yedylicious Food Blog and Peachy Valderama-Adarne of The Peach Kitchen and another blogger who wasn't able to come.
Check out their chronicles for our celebration:

*Thanks also to Raymond Anthony Quisumbing for the picture...

Now let me introduce the "Super-Mom Blogger" who cared enough to check out this write-up and took time to comment though her hands ached due to household chores...Nuts!  She is the writer of More Than Just a SAHM...Thanks so much Nora!  Hope you enjoy together with your kids the food at Chef's Table.   Chef Bruce Lim would be there to definitely entertain you!


Thank you so much for all your comments and with that I'm sure the Lord is pleased with your thanksgiving.  He first of all will be the one to double up even more the blessing you are getting!


  1. Hi Joy! I already followed your blog, I wish u also follow mine! Your blog is pretty and simple. You know Yedy? I'm also following her blog!!! I hope we can be 'cyber'-friends!!! :D

    Lette's Haven

  2. Wow! Did I really win the contest? wow, I just can't believe it! wow! Thank you so much!

  3. Congrats to the winners and I really hope that this blog will become one the of the biggest blogs in the blogosphere...


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