Saturday, December 17, 2011

Hi guys!

It's about time...or not...I need your help!
I'm on the process of having this site revamped.   I am kind of thinking of making this a food and travel.   This is however a family blog though  couldn't be classified as a mommy-blog, which by the way I also have at Wordpress.
But do excuse me for posting non-food blogs for the moment.   This is in time for everyone's family Christmas bonding anyway so, might I be excused for posting relevant and up to date issues.  
Will be posting important news and updates on DepEd's K to 12 information.   With these, for me to find out also whether or not non-food post can also be welcomed here.   So please, everyone is welcome to comment and suggest whether or not I should merge food and travel.
Hoping you could also check out my other site which carries relevant family issues, health and beauty reviews, hotel/accommodations and travel.

Cheers to a Merrier Christmas season and blogging!
God bless you and thanks for everything....

NTBN:  Christmas Give-aways not yet finished...  After my last GC give-away, I am still planning to have more just in time for the season of giving and just drop by often and check it out!


  1. You know, you actually kicked-off the blogs fame with food and all the restaurants you are featuring.

    I think you can extend the blog by featuring family-oriented restaurants or food expo's.

    The idea of food and travel is great because you've been doing it for some time.

    Beauty and wellness, well, as long as there's something about food in it, bring it on.

    The thing is AS LONG AS FOOD IS INVOLVED IN IT. That's the key. It's fundamental in your blog. It's the reason why I'm always here! hehehehe...

    Of course, that's still my opinion.


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