Thursday, July 7, 2011

Flamin' Hot Dessert from My Pink Wasabi

Tonight is going to be a flaming hot but sweet night!
As My Pink Wasabi roguishly entice us with Chef Anna Marin Chua's newest dessert line.  Now that's Unbeatable!
Flambe desserts will now be available at Midnight Mercato, only at My Pink Wasabi's stall, every Friday from 10:00 pm to 2:00 am.
In French cuisine, to flambe is to cook the  food using flame physically by putting alcoholic drinks inside a hot pan  allowing it to burst into flame and thus cooking the food.   By doing so, this create a magical and awesome visual impression to the diners, like showing off, yet drastically leaves the alcohol on the dish.   A famous example is Crepes Suzzette.
And, that's letting the sparks fly!
Oh, here are the Flaming Crepe Selection P195 (served over crepes and ice cream)
 BTW, Merry Moo Ice  Creams will be used.
1.)  Bananas Foster     
       -Caramelized bananas flamb√©d in rum w/ French Vanilla ice cream
 2.)  Mangos Diablos     
       -lime, sliced mangos, grand marnier, tequila w/ Sea Salt Caramel (think Margarita J)
 3.)  Peches Louis         
       - peach, bourbon w/ Earl Grey Tea Ice Cream
 4.)  Crepe Suzette
       - orange segments, orange zest, Grand marnier w/ French Vanilla
 5.)  Smores
       -cookie chunks, chocolate chunks
       -vodka soaked marshmallow, chocolate sauce w/ Coffee Kahlua Ice Cream or French Vanilla
However, for tonight, July 8, Bananas Foster and Peches Louis are available, what's exciting is that every Friday, other flavors will be introduced.
Not only that, we can also get to try beyond our thoughts, Panna Cotta in bewitching flavors

Hmmm... From Japanese, French then Italian!  Woohhh!  What will Chef Anna think of next?
We don't need to go to any hotel impressing French cuisine, dessert line such as these should be rated top-notched!  
Well my taste buds are ready and my tummy too, see you all later at My Pink Wasabi at Midnight Mercato!
Hope you come by and read my future post  for the flaming hot experience review!  It's going to be an astonishing one!


  1. What gorgeous-looking desserts! I look forward to sampling them all. (The Peche Louis is definitely on my must-try list as I'm a sucker for peaches!)

  2. Hi Marga, hope you could visit Midnight mercato, really hoping to share thoughts with you there...though i'm not a peach -lover I still am looking forward to trying this!


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