Sunday, July 17, 2011

House of Lasagna - Cakes and Pastries

   YEsterday, the family was out to search for a new Pediatrician, specializing in Endocrinology and Diabetes, for our daughter Dana, we headed to UE-Ramon Magsaysay Memorial Hospital.   After searching the net for where we could find an association which support families and children with diabetes-related concerns, we didn't get lucky.   We never found the organization, we never found a suitable doctor, but grateful, because we met a Pediatrician, who was so kind enough to refer us to a known Pedia at Philippine Gen. Hospital who works with Diabetic children.   It took us an hour to search for the office or doctors, and it did make our kids (three girls) and us hungry.
   COming from Sta. Mesa, we decided to drop by Little Baguio, San Juan.   We went there before in search for Carol's Texan 5, and discovered a "foodie hill".   My daughter asked us, " Why is this place called Little Baguio?"   Sure it was not below 20* C there and no pine trees can be found.   The fact stands that we didn't know also.   We still have to discover and ask about it though.
   BUt what we discovered was that, there are a lot of new and good to try restaurants, cafes and even food stalls, which I swear, would be very interesting.
   I'Ve read about a promo for House of Lasagna and it made me crave for one.   I'm known to be the "pasta lady" at our church and to some of my friends.   Why?  I love pasta! I have lots of them stocked in my pantry, in different shapes and sizes, even the canned tomatoes from Italy.   Even my kids have grown to love my pasta cooking.   However in my possession, I don't have a lasagna.  Though I never intend to buy a package, well I don't actually buy them, they were all being sent by my ever loving parents and sister, from Milan.
   LAsagna is a bit hard to cope with.   It is not like any pasta that you cook by boiling water.   You have to be very careful with it cause if you've overdone it it will rip off and that would not end up being a great-looking lasagna.   It also involves layering with the other ingredients, then baking and to top it off it is more expensive to prepare, that is why it is that special.    I have tried making some in the past, but I would prefer making Baked Macaroni or Spaghetti  instead.
   THat was why I insisted, and my Danielle agreed for us to try House of Lasagna's best-seller, which of course is their version of Beef Lasagna.    Oh, how we adore you, Beef Lasagna of House of Lasagna!   (Hmmm, sounds redundant)   The Bechamel sauce was heaven.   The lasagna, perfectly cooked, layered with the tangy and herbed Italian-style tomato sauce, with tender ground beef, and not to forget, mozzarella cheese.   Our mouth was silent for a moment, really savoring the goodness of the steamy dish in front of us, leaving our two babes waiting for their fried chicken, oh no!    As we craved for lasagna, Dana (7) and Danica (5) waited so impatiently for the Southern Fried Chicken.
   Yes it came, after we emptied the two plates of Lasagna.   My Danielle begging for another plate of it.  But lo, the serving of the chicken were huge!  One plate (order from the menu) is a lot for a kid's tummy, and well Ate Danielle was happy to share with baby sisters.   The chicken were fried gorgeously, as well as the potatoes.  But the chicken meat were a bit bland,  it could have made really perfect with a damp of gravy.  Sorry but my babes aren't ketchup kids.   That's why their the numbers 1 and 2 fans of KFC and JB.  But what I like about it is that it is not oily, great for those watching their diet but still craves for fried chicken.
   FOr dessert, we tried New York Style Cheese Cake.   The basic and simplest form of a cheese cake slice we ever had.    It sure is smooth but I say not that rich.   Correct me if I'm wrong, this isn't baked so it's a No-bake cheesecake.   Anyway, my daughters liked it, but for me it's like an ice cream, light on cheese flavor, on top of grahams crumbs.

Unit 1-B Ground Floor, J.Abad Santos St. cor. V.Cruz St. Little Baguio, San Juan, Metro Manila
Tel. : (02) 570-8610


  1. awww too far from my area :( i wish to try this!

  2. I'll send u some fresh lasagne next time so you don't have to cook it in boiling water, you just put it in the oven arranged with the tomato sauce, bescamel and parmigiana cheese. pag umuwi kami I'll cook u one :)
    ur sister


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