Saturday, May 28, 2011

Too Late for Lactation

   It was a rainy Saturday, though I was still not stopped by the peculiar weather the Philippines has.   After touring Mercato Centrale for the SMC Weekend Market Roadshow with Chef Ed Quimson, I headed on to NBC Tent Mommy Diaries, a Lifestyle and Wellness Expo for Mothers. 
   The event was indeed an interesting one, I was invited by a friend, whom I was supposed to meet at the said venue for some health know-how and mommy-pampering, but far more have I encountered.  
   I will give you more of the exciting details on my other site,  I hope you do visit it and be sure to discover new ideas, products and people. 
However, I have to commend a fellow mom, who owns one of the stalls at the event.  She not only mom a precious, cutey 18-month old baby girl (who happens to be with mommy, every single minute in the event), she also bakes!  This is a food blog after all!
   Mommy Paola Loot, owner of Mommy Treats, gave me a strong statement of her support for "breastfeeding."   You guessed it right she is a breast-feeding mom.   We both shared the same sentiments of the sacrifice and joy breast-feeding gives, and I am all out in support of Department of Health's new campaign "Breastfeeding TSEK!" and I am sure that a lot of mom's would agree with us, but sad to say only 40% of the country's mothers are breast-feeding exclusively.   And one of the reason is mal-education.   Some of the mommies who belong in the 60% may not be totally aware of the significance of it.  So if you happen to be a mom of a babe, a mom-to-be, or know someone in the mentioned categories better read this up, A TSEK on Breastfeeding.
   Mommy Treats offers yummy confections for moms who have decided to breast-feed, goodies such as Lactation Cookies and Lactation Muffin Bites.   Mommy Paola, once had a dilemma of having to increase milk production, being a first-time mom and a yaya advising her about the matter, which was  not absolutely effective for her, she came about "galactagogues."   These are lactation herbs and medications that are used to increase lactation or stimulate milk production in a lactating mother.   It took her to research on natural ways of increasing milk supply, reinventing recipes to work with the galactagogues, and to even convincing mommies to be subjects for testing, until finally bobbing up the first ever yummy treats for lactating moms, the first in the Philippines.   
Had I known this when I was breastfeeding, I would have exclusively milk fed my babies in their utmost satisfaction thus not making big dents on our budget.   Just so you know, I have four kids, now my eldest son is 15 years old and my youngest is five.  I had the same problem  Paola had with each of my kids, and I  bet most of the moms as well, and we drastically turned to expensive milk formulas until totally losing the milk on my breasts.  FYI, it's not a problem anymore, for we have more reasons to munch on cookies and muffins, and instead of being guilty we feel slaked, knowing that mommies (who loves their children so much by giving them the true gold liquid, mom's milk) can be assured of ample supplies of best source for lactation.  Thanks to Paola of Mommy Treats.
   Here are the herbs known to be galactagogues Paola used:  fiber and iron-rich oats, Omega3-flowing flax seed, cholesterole and blood-sugar lowing fenugreek and Vitamin-B-enriched brewer's yeast.
Through this I came upon some ideas, we all have certain concerns right, like in my case, I have a juvenile diabetic, seven-year old daughter.   The new herbs introduced including fenugreek, may aid in our food substitute for her, or might eventually replace insulin shots.  However this may need to be studied more.  Did it look like I kinda made a slight research?  Hmmm...If you do search for this on the net, more health benefits will knock your head off.  Let me also tell you that fenugreek is a breast enhancer and a female aphrodisiac.   We all know that oats or oatmeal is good for the heart and fiber-filled, now we know that it can as well stimulate milk production.
Oatmeal and White-choco chips
   I was able to try her lactation cookies and muffins.  My kids and I shared with her oatmeal and white chocolate chip cookies, we've all noticed that they have quite a bitter, powdery after taste, but nothing a honey or chocolate syrup could hide the taste, served so well with hot-choco.  Oatmeal and Choco chips are the best.   My Danielle who now bakes if I'm busy and the family craves for home-baked goods, liked her Carrot Walnut and Banana Oatmeal muffins, I do too.   Another good reason for me to order is that she also has sugar-free goodies, best for my Dana and my family.  You can order them and Paola will freshly bake it the day it will be shipped, and can be packed for 1-day consumption. Free from preservatives, however like any other herbs or meds, the body's system has to work with it for some time.   Moms who have tried it experienced improvements in milk quantities and qualities after 2 to 4 days of eating the products.
Carrot Walnut Muffin

Here's how to know more of the products and ordering procedures:
1.  Like her page on Facebook 
2.  Visit her site and order at 
3.   Twitter account: @mommy_treats
4:  Email her at
5.  Call or SMS Paola Loot at 09177923432

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  1. Very informative, I didn't know there are kind of stuffs for mommies breast-feedings!


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