Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Gayuma ni Maria

After a very uplifting message from our church's pastor, we decided to treat our friends for a surprise lunch.   It was only two weeks before my Dana's birthday, and we have yet to finalize the program, the design of the
venue and the people who will be participating.  Bhogs and I have been so blessed with friends and most of the celebrant's ninongs and ninangs are all from the same church and are always free for this kind of gathering.   We are more than privileged to have Ninong Rudolf and Ninang Raquel to help us behind the preparation of the party.   Racquel Urbano-Abadiano, a creative and ingenious person who always leads our church into special events, may it be solemn, or down-right outragious,  together with her husband, well-renowned for being artistically skilled as well can make a hard project seem exciting and worth looking-forward to.  
 Maam Rocks as what we call her, is also a blogger and works full-time in a company.  On her blog, she wrote something about their upcoming wedding anniversary.  After a horrendous yet successful, church events such as Daily Vacation Bible Study for kids, followed by Reggie and Gigi's wedding, I was sure they haven't taken any break yet, and then came Dana's birthday.   As a token of friendship and advance thanks-giving me invited them to Gayuma ni Maria.  Though we had to search for the place, hidden in Quezon City, we took the risk.   Having read of reviews about the place from my co-food-bloggers, it got me raving to check them out.
Hoping to give constructive criticisms about the place though, however, since they've just transferred at the new location we can give them the excuse of not being architecturally savvy.  The place originally is a residential property turned restaurant.  My kids and I found the place spooky.   The dining area is dark, adjoining the area is a staircase where a mannequin with sassy hat is displayed.   Tables at the sides have something like mosquito nets hanging above.  I may say unique but does not really fit the whole ambiance.   There is a spot where certain witch-craft practicing is encouraged, as the name of the Resto implies.   I never thought they're that advocates of voodooing and magical or mystical practices.    Well, excuse me but I shun away from those, as a Christian I still take the Holy Bible's guidance against such practices which the Lord truly abhors.
Love is love, and not even love potions or magic spell can overcome it, so I hope they do not overshadow the true meaning of love which is so verily suggested in their menu.   That's what I like, the uniqueness they've entailed on the details on the menu.  The name of the dishes were transfigured into famous love by-lines, corny or horny.  Such as, "He loves me, he loves me not," for the tempura style squash florets... 
This one is Tuliro, our appetizer (Attraction as it is called in their menu),  a bed of nachos and lettuce topped with slivers of meat and grapes with succulently sinful sour cream and cheese sauce.   Not to be mistaken by the picture, the plate is like a serving tray, meant that the serving is so big, four to five persons should be able to consume this.  
Rudolf was wary of why the viand is bigger than the cup of rice served?  Hmmm, the solution more cups of rice.    What he's staring at is the I Love You Cross My Heart, chicken breast with cheese, mushrooms and topped with crossed asparagus.

This is their take on Lengua Estofado, sorry but due to seemingly exquisite take on this Spanish dish, and one of my favorite for that matter, I forgot how this was called, I have to call Gayuma for that though.   And what do you know, this is unquestionable the top of list in my favorite foods ever!  Best tongue I've ever tasted (well next to hubby's of course).  Oh now I remember , French Kissing, how can I forget that.

Aside from the couple we also had Jomer come with us, he played a special role in Dana's party, being the host of the program.   Hahaha, see how he enjoyed the humungous size of that barbeque.   I just don't know why Bhogs was holding the other end of the stick?
These are what my kiddos munched on, waited anticipatingly,  they were not disappointed!  The lip-smacking and crunchy fried chicken are so good to the bones.  A really big leg portion of a definitely big chicken.  They call this Holding Hands While Walking, Pa-swing-Swing Pa.
Too bad our tummies had their fill and no room for dessert.  It's a must come-back option then, for I was looking forward to trying Better Than Sex,  which from what I've heard is a rich chocolate cake mercilessly topped with butterscotch, cream and chocolate bits (some say it should be renamed BEST WITH SEX.)  I really, really have to know this!?!

123 V. Luna Extension (Maginhawa st.) Sikatuna Village,
Quezon City, Philippines


  1. i love BTS cake in gayuma. i wanna try this but kinda far.

  2. Sounds and looks sinfully yummy!

  3. The barbecue is definitely too much to handle that's why two people are needed to hold it... hahaha!

    Talk about sinful pleasures... Better Than Sex, dito ka na!


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