Wednesday, April 27, 2011

FIC in The Stock Market!

 Maundy Thursday-  We were at The Piazza, McKinley Hills, Taguig City, try as I might to get there on time for the gelato tasting, but alas, after much adieu about something we got there and all the establishments were closed.   Duh!  It's Holy Week and Maundy Thursday is preparation for Good Friday.  Well we got there past three and we decided to check out Gourdo's and the same, it is closed.  It was so hot and my three daughters are with me, plus Bhog's niece.   We were all disappointed, so we tried to stroll down Bonifacio High Streets.  Hallelujah!   Shops are open.  Got scared for my daughter getting hypo.   So we looked for where to buy ice creams and cold bottled water.  There are interesting religious stuffs going on in the center of the strip, but what caught my kids attention was FIC, that is short for Fruits in Ice Cream.   An ice cream take out nook at The Stock Market.  Yes, The Stock Market!  No, they are not selling company stocks but bistro type of foods.  We ordered frozen yogurt ice creams.  While it was being prepared, we saw the staff preparing loads of gourmet ice creams.  People inside are all eating ice creams.
 A snap shot of McKinley High, The Piazza
 My kids enjoying their Sugar-free Frozen Yogurt Ice cream,
the all-time fave Chocolate  flavor.
While for me is The Stock Market's Signature Concoction,
Banana Caramel Crunch.
We all enjoyed our afternoon cold treats, however it left my purse empty.  The food there is so pricey we dared not order or even check out what's on the menu however, I've seen Anton Diaz's blog about The Stock Market, and I realized they are worth trying for, well we will see!
I have to say great job to the staff, they were so welcoming and gracious.   
The place has a homey, country-feel to it.  
The place is so clean and I love the pictures of the pineapple plants.
I actually wondered why they have so many mini pineapples at the table and the logo ha one too.
After reading Anton's Blog then I knew.  According to him, the restaurant is owned by Del Monte Phils and Corporation running other famed restos.
The Stock Market
B2 Bonifacio High Street, Taguig City
Beside TGI Fridays 


  1. first time to hear sugar-free fro-yo ice cream...sounds interesting! usually non-fat fro-yo lang kasi naririnig ko. hehe. :)

  2. @ edelweiza...FIC has sugar-free ice creams even in groceries. We are always on a look out for sugar-free or less sugar delights for my daughter who is diabetic.
    Good thing FIC have in in Fro-yo na...

  3. Next time you go to The Stock Market, try their clam chowder as its quite tastier than most versions of the soup sold elsewhere.


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