Monday, April 8, 2019

Eating Like a Tourist in Milan at Calicantus Sforzesco


What better way to fully enjoy a visit to Milan than to walk along the busy commercial streets of Milan, view the historical buildings and monuments, breathe the fresh air from the gardens and parks, learn the Milanese way of life from the museums and luxuriate with the food that abounds in every corner. 

How to spend a walking day in Milan?  Start at Piazza del Milano, visit the cathedral, shop and eat. 

The best stopover from walking or shopping is with coffee or gelato.  There are so many cafe and gelateria to choose from.  Let me suggest the La Gelateria near Lovable at Via Dante.

While my parents had espresso, I had this beautiful glass of pistachio gelato, garnished with blueberries, melon and strawberry.

Read about our tour to Castelo Sforzesco at the link below:

The tour at the Castelo (castle) was an eye-opener and a very informative one.  There are so many things to know about the castle and the family that made Milan, the castle was so huge and it is so tiring to visit them all.  The best thing to end the tour is with a humbling and sumptuous meal.

Calicantus Sforzesco

When inside the Sforzesco Castle, and you get hungry or thirsty, there's only one cafe and resto - The Calicantus.

So, during tourist season, and when the castle gets a lot of school field trips, expect a lot of diners clamoring around.  Be patient as well as the staff isn't that welcoming and friendly.  Food was ok, but for a Filipino with a salty taste palate, make sure you have a salt and pepper shaker on your table and ask for parmesan shavings. 

Speck Toast

Penne in Marinara Sauce

Saffron Truffle Rissoto 

The all-Italian Carbonara, the sauce compromises of egg and cheese and pepper, can be a bit dry.

Coffee here is affordable, a bottled water may cost up to 1 Euro.  Food costs a wee bit, tourist pricey but hefty serving.  Don't expect a good service, just make sure to follow up on your order, staff speaks a little English too, but the menu is in Italian and English.

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