Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Knorr Savor Rich Chicken and Pork at the Test Kitchen Event

Something revolutionary is going to make our kitchen duties all the more exciting.  This was how the Knorr Test Kitchen invitation made an appeal to me when I was invited to the event.  I don't really know what to expect, but I knew this is going to be worth my time and effort in inviting others as well to partake in the eventful afternoon that was.

Exciting as it was, the Test Knorr Kitchen, which happened at Greenbelt 2 last March 30, had been fete for foodies alike.  

It was there that Knorr Flavor Rich Chicken and Knorr Flavor Rich Pork was also launched and were the featured product used in the al fresco "test kitchen."

The Knorr Test Kitchen featured food from celebrated chefs Nicco Santos of Your Local, Josh Boutwood of Savage and Helm, Happy Ongpauco of Happy Concept Group, and Kalel Chan of Raintree Restaurants. 

It was fascinating to see these chefs and their sous chefs in action, making the heat bearable...

Each one sharing their culinary craft, while everyone else, including me just mustered to take photos and got engulfed with every whiff of the aroma of the dishes cooked right before us, the meaty aroma was so present, made us all hungry, adding to that the way each sampling was plated were sights to behold.

They showed us how the new Knorr seasonings have upgraded our favorite fried and stir-fried dishes and made it into something even more savory, instantly adding "meaty sarap" into each of the dishes.

Of course, what good does a culinary spectacle like this without having to taste the dishes they have prepared.

Chef Kalel Chan's Sisig Gyoza were also yum!

I particularly loved Chef Josh's Chicken Barley.

Chef Nicco's Chicken Rice were also a crowd favorite.

The event then opened to the public at 6 PM and all these samples were sold out in minutes!

Knorr Savor Rich liquid seasonings are available at leading supermarkets nationwide. Prices are as follows: P6 for 16g, P85 for 240g, and P150 for 450g.  You can also order thru honestbee.

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  1. Fantastic post all dishes sound like so yummy I love all dishes. Thanks for sharing this attractive pictures and this blog with us.


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