Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Finding Your Tribe? The Struggle is REAL!

Bumped into this IG account- smallgirlbigglobe, while browsing over my social media accounts. In her newest post she expressed, "The woman who follows the crowd will usually go no further than the crowd. the woman who walks alone is likely to find herself in places no one has ever been before." These are actually Albert Einstein's words as she quoted.

Equivalently, an FB friend of mine announced in his timeline that he's about to UNFOLLOW some accounts, while me on the the other hand was killing my hands and fingers trying to connect to more people.

On another note, someone have been trying to build up her tribe and is getting successful with it.

Which principle to take...

I'm almost giving up!

In this world where people are corrupted with numbers and refer to themselves BUSY when all they're up to was handling their phones or gadgets, where are all this getting us to?

I began this blog, 8 years ago, thinking I found my tribe.  Friends, who, like me, love food and trying to get by mommy-hood.  I was reaching out to some, then began welcoming new people, bloggers who eventually became friends and others just acquaintances.

I never knew I will be in this so-called blogging journey.  It was just something I was having fun with, connecting with new people, I didn't even know existed, learning from other bloggers and getting so many inspirations. Blogging was one of my blessings. It added meaning to my life, it did brought joy and fulfillment, but I could not deny the fact that many people will try to bring you down, many have taken advantage and many just shrug their shoulders and never cared at all.

So, I am troubled, do I still need to find my tribe and belong, or just continue the journey all by myself?
focusing on my family was never the question, so for now, I'll stick to that arena, but how about "MY PURPOSE?"

I know God has put me here for a reason, not to covet only good and FREE stuff!  But I can say I earned it.  I have put all my hard work, invested so much time and money, and I almost had Carpal Tunnel Syndrome for typing and tinkering with my phone half the day.

"It's unfair!" As many in my field of work would say.  The era has handed over more opportunities in a silver platter to the "millenials", to the young, to the aggressive and to them who knows how to manipulate numbers. 

You can hover over their Instagram and see their mind-blowing charts.

I guess numbers can move, shake or try to influence the crowd.

BUT, can one person's PASSION compete?  I guess for some privileged ones.

Talking about passion, aside from managing a few social media accounts from clients, I also co-manage and co-organize Women Empowerment with Ro Suarez.of Just Ask Ro.

Read about Women Empowerment here - - > > https://www.facebook.com/notes/women-empowerment/how-women-empowerment-came-to-being/151321822067104/

I'm really dying to know some thoughts on this?  I'm at the verge of giving up my Social Media accounts to rest my soul for a while.so I might go on a sabbatical leave from blogging and prepare to face new challenges that's ahead of me, while sorting out what really matters in my faith-walk.

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