Wednesday, April 25, 2018

West Town's Coffee Puts Value in Reliving Coffee Tradition

With the rise of the third wave coffee trend in the country, there is a shining future for our coffee industry, however, while coffee  business is growing, coffee farming locally is not given the proper recognition. Less and less Filipino farmers are into coffee planting or sustaining coffee farms, while the demand is on rise, our supply is insufficient.

Specialty coffee awareness reached the veins of coffee drinkers as single coffee variants from every corner of the world permeated our market. This alerted some food historians and people supporting our heritage.  Are we losing our own identity in the coffee industry?  Slowly, as modernity steeps in, styles in coffee-making and as well as coffee-drinking have changed.  Leaving our very own tradition to the dumps.

With the collaboration of West Town's Coffee and Culinary Generals, it is now possible for our very own local coffees to be of value again, even the ones not from the highlands and there is a whole new look at our coffee tradition.

Reliving the Coffee Tradition

Last April 11, a Coffee Ceremony was held at West Town's in The Milano Residences Piazza, Century City.

What's a coffee ceremony?  It's a lost tradition of serving coffee at home to guests.  Long time ago, elders at home would serve freshly-grind and freshly-brewed coffee beans at their home, serving their last and best coffee to the guests whom they have trusted and invited at home.

It starts with an invitation...

"Parini't Magkape," translates as "come and have coffee."

With a provisional coffee grinder, the best house coffee is prepared for the guests. Once coffee is made, it is now served with the traditional manner.

At West Town's, Hayb Anzures Abu-Shendi, owner and head barista, paid honor to Chef Chris by serving a glass of coffee.  Handing the coffee over is said to be heartfelt and sincere, thus the host, when giving the coffee, the right hand is at the chest while the left one is the one handing the coffee over.

Likewise, the recipient accepts the coffee the same way, receiving the coffee with the left hand and with the right hand at the chest.

Only a handful Filipino still practice this way, like our "pagmamano" and saying "po at opo", it should be learned by the young people.

West Town's and Cafe Amadeo

One of West Town's thrust is to establish the farm-to-cup tradition, backed up by science, the artisan skills and the technological advantage of the coffee shop.

His passion for coffee brings him to meet the man behind Cafe Amadeo, Albert Ambagan Jr., the Amadeo Mayor who made Pahimis Festival a tourism spectacle.

With this, expect West Town's to show their craft at the Pahimis Festival 2018 on April 25 to 27th at the capitol of Amadeo.  Get to try what West Town's is all about, meet the "bae-rista" and learn more about our coffee culture.


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