Thursday, May 17, 2018

A Mother's Day Treat from Shopwise

Grocery shopping is life! - MOMs.

I was able to watch the  movie Bad Moms again and this grocery store movie clip really made my day last Mother's Day.

Moms I know you would agree to this: "You know you're a mom if going to the grocery store is a vacation."

Whether it is a typical thing or a vacation unplanned, there is something that makes every mom excited on a trip to grocery stores.  It used to be a bonding time when my kids were still small, but I realized you save a lot more time and money when you go without them.  It's like that time when you needed to buy a few things for the bathroom and ended leaving with bags and bagful of children's snack faves.

Yes, that's mommy-ing!

I'm just so thankful for Shopwise for making shopping for home-needs so easy, practical and enjoyable.

Now, it's like meeting an imaginable date, but you're armed with a list of Instagram-able food and healthy and trendy supplies and you just gallop along the isles without getting stressed and crying over a chocolate bar that you've been saving for but traded for your daughter's skin care.

That's because, Shopwise knows  how to treat moms, and yup, they're just so family and kid-friendly and going there (any branch) is like a walk in the park and wallet-friendly too!

Talking about treats for moms, Shopwise Alabang, just concluded a Wine event for Mother's Day.

Set up at the midst of the grocery, are chairs for the viewers of cooking demo and cocktail-making using Beach Hut, Chain of Fire and Lakefield brands.

The event was hosted by my friend Jamie Fournier, of @Jamieintransit (IG).

Chef Jee Mingoa led the cooking demo for two dishes with the wines featured for the day to enhance the flavor of the dishes.  Chef Jee is the seasoned chef of Alchemy Bar and Bistro. an expert in French, Western, and Mediterranean cuisine.

Above is Pan-fried Fish Fillet with Caper Tomato. Get the recipe cards below.

Here is Creamy Beef Paprikash, another easy-to-prepare beef dish Chef Jee cooked for us.  Below is the procedure on how to make them.

After trying out the two dishes,  a got to learn some mixology, again these unique cocktails were enhanced using the featured wines from Australia.

Joseph Apostol, President, Philippines Wine Flaring headed the workshop this time.

Moms and all other guests and spectators were given drink samples of Mamita Mojito, Citrus Sunshine and Blossoming Mom.

Joel Apostol with his last mix creation Blossoming Mom

Above is my favorite drink, The Blossoming Mom.  It has Moscato from The Family Trentham mixed with cranberry juice, lemon juice and cherry blossom flavor poured over rocks of ice.

I couldn't imagine how easy that was, in a blink of an eye, you can have a refreshing drink worthy for a mom always on the go and to think you can buy all the ingredients in one place, at Shopwise of course.

Last but not the least, we were also given the chance to get oriented with the new varietal wines from Australia.  These finest "new World wines were introduced by Mattia Mauri, an Italian who practiced his expertise in wine in Australia.  This wine enthusiast did not deny his love for both Italian and Aussie wines, and neither would I.

Coz I'm a #winemom, as my children would call me!

Mattia represents a certain number of Australian wines being sold at Shopwise among which the top selling Beach Hut, Chain of Fire and Lakefield brands.  

That very same day, the aforementioned brands were being sold on a 20% discount.

Another thing I love about Shopwise is that they always treat their customers with regular sales and promos.
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