Monday, April 16, 2018

Shangri La Plaza's Exciting Offers for a Quality Family Time This Summer

We know how Filipinos love hanging out at malls to escape the scorching city heat and Shang loves having everyone around, that's why they have lined up fun activities for the kids and kids-at-heart.

Get ready to explore and discover Shang's Summer Safari and takethe perfect selfie against floating islands, colorful vines and palm trees, and larger than life lions, elephants, zebras,giraffes and flamingos.  Coz yes nothing like vibrant pink hues of flamingos at the mall.

Getting ready to hang out at Shang? Then start mapping out their itinerary for a fun-filled family day out.

I was blessed enough to be amongst moms and their kids who got to try an eventful day at Shang, so I can share with you the experience, for you to recreate with your kids.

How about starting out with the family's fave summer snack, ice cream.  Stopover at Joseph's Craft Ice Cream and watch how they whip up their artisan ice cream using liquid nitrogen.  Tried their Organic Vanilla Bean and it sure did worked up an appetite for fun!  Other unique  specialties are Bacon, Crisps and Coffee Latte.

Right across is Mr. Franks.  Load up on cheese nachos, yummy hotdogs garnished with lovely extras!

Or how about some corn dogs?

My kids grew up roaming Shang the more fun way - Shang Express, like a choo-choo ride around Shangrila.  Did you know that you and your child can have FREE rides at the Shang Express?  For a minimum single receipt purchase worth P500, your child can get access on the ride.

What can brighten up every child's visit to the mall, you ask?  Let's spell it!


Build City at Level 4 of the Main Wing is a haven for little engineers, aspiring architects and builders.  They can have free play as well with LEGO bricks on a table while still deciding what toy to take home with.

Another giggly voice from behind as we head on to Animaland also at Level 4 pf the Main Wing. 
Let me share you a video of what this cute stall is all about.

If the still have lots of energies in them, make sure to include a visit to Kidzoona, an educational entertainment center where kids can develop communication skills and stimulate motor abilities through play, specially in the ball pit.

Shangri Mall awaits!

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