Monday, December 5, 2016

“Breville-lize” Your Calamansi Juicing

As we approach the end of the year, the onset of the cold season will definitely test our bodies’ immune system. We already rely on it to prevent dangerous bacteria, germs, even cancer cells and parasites, and of course common viruses related to ailments such as colds, cough and flu from entering our bodies.

However, our immune system need to be reinforced from time-to-time against these attacks, and a tried-and-tested way is by loading up on consumption of fruits and vegetables and other plant-based food. They are good sources of essential vitamins and phyto nutrients that act as vital antioxidants to help fight diseases.

A perfect fruit to beef up our immune system are citrus fruits, which contain massive amounts of Vitamin C. Here in the Philippines, the most affordable and available anywhere citrus fruit is our very own “Calamansi.” Its stockpile of Vitamin C helps eliminate toxins in the body and fortifies the immune system. At the same time, it helps improve our skin, keeps our teeth and bones healthy and gives our body the ability to heal wounds faster and prevents damage to our eyes.

Long touted as a wonder fruit, the “Calamansi” is not just good for its juice. Even the rind has its tremendous benefits for it has vital oils that can help improve digestion and also provides anti-inflammatory support.

Given the size of the calamansi, usually a bit larger than the common grape, many would cringe from extracting its Vitamin C-enriched juice. Since it is small, extracting one glass, or approximately 300 ml, you’d need at least 1 kilo already if you juice it the traditional way, which is more of the painstaking manual juicing or squeezing.

But there’s a faster way of extracting the all-important calamansi juice and its rich nutrients to make it more concentrated. By using the latest and most efficient juicers from Breville, Australia’s top brand of small kitchen appliances known the world over, you’ll get the juiciest and nutrient-packed calamansi concentrate in a jiffy.

The best way of juicing Calamansi is through Breville Fast Jucing in as fast as a little less than 1 minute, you are guaranteed to get all the goodness of calamansi using Breville’s outstanding juicers like the Froojie Fountain™, the Froojie Fountain Pro™ and the Juice Fountain Max™. Get 25% more juice from 1 kilo of calamansi and also get 70% more of the phytonutrients  from the rind. Best of all, you get less of the sourness of the calamansi from manual juicing because with Breville juicers, the juice is more balanced and smoother to drink.

Breville lets you enjoy more calamansi juice by juicing 1 kilo of calamansi to produce 375 ml of the calamansi concentrate then just divide it into three, or around 125 ml each. For every 125 ml, you can already make a pitcher of diluted calamansi juice for the whole family by adding just one liter of water and mixing 4 tablespoons of powdered sugar. Get around 4 glasses (8 ounces each) of perfect calamansi juice that you can serve either warm or cold.

Fortify your immune system this cold season with the freshest, tastiest and most nutritious drink you’ll ever get. “Breville-lize” your calamansi juicing today with Breville juicers and live a long, healthy and happy life.

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