Friday, July 1, 2016

Seats: Online Restaurant Booking Made Simple

Have you heard of he latest news from Globe?

A new restaurant booking system has been introduced to a handful of foodies and bloggers, including me.


Globe users and non-Globe subscribers unite as we go hunting for the best restos in town without the hassle of lining up for our seats, especially during meal times.

Globe Telecom Inc. has announced that SEATS, an online restaurant booking is now more reliable and had added more restaurants to it's list.

Have I known it earlier this year, eating out would have been a merrier and easier experience.  We all know that everyone has been relying in the web and with their own handheld internet devices for services that are easier to get a hold of.  This includes reserving a good seat for you and/or your group in a chosen restaurant or bar.

Now it is possible with SEATS.  I just downloaded mine from Google App into my Samsung phone a couple of weeks ago and I knew it's gong to be a mainstay in my phone application.

SEATS is a FREE downloadable application that let's you book at your favorite restaurants.  No need to call the resto for reservation, thus saving wait time, talk time and possible confusions.  As long you are connected online you can access a restaurant listed at SEATS and instantly book a table.

Why the need for this?

Booking with SEATS is not only time and cost-saving, it actually give you a wider choice.  With the categories listed (such as NEW ON SEATS, MOST POPULAR, BIG GROUPS, BUFFET, BREAKFAST, LUNCH), finding a preferred resto is easy and fun.

Also, SIGNING IN is also easy and once you're logged in, everything is set.

You can choose restaurants by it's name, through a location or city, or by cuisine.  Reservations is done real time, which means that you don't need to call the resto for confirmation.  Plus, with alerts in our email or through SMS (for Globe subscribers) there's no way you could miss out on your reservation.

Globe Platinum subscribers get to love it more with promos and discounts intended for them.

In fact, I actually have booked one of our couple dates with SEATS and boy, I couldn't love it less. Do read all about our Hooch lunch booked with SEATS on my phone HERE.

You can also go to their website and book from there and get to know more SEATS at


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