Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Maybank Platinum MasterCard: My New Travel Companion That Fits Perfect in my Pocket

The best travel experience that had to be beaten yet is our family's visit to Milan, Italy. But that was 12 years ago, if I haven't lost my counting skills though.  We only have two kids then and they were still cute.  My heart aches every time I think about it not only because I want to go back but I want to kiss and hug my parents, my siblings and my cutie pie nieces, who sings perfect cute rhymes in Italian.

But back then, we only carried one kind of credit card.  It was considered international alright but we didn't care enough to use it, thinking we might be charged with higher interest using it abroad.  Plus we couldn't really see some good in using it rather than for emergency cases.  Thus, we needed to bring cash along with us which was a bit uncomfortable and add to that the inconvenience of not carrying enough Euros and that we needed to find an establishment to exchange it with. 

We learned a lot of lessons in that Milan vacation together with our other travels, and one of it is learning how using a credit card can bring about utmost benefits when on travel.  But not just the one we regularly have.  One that's fit for our traveling needs, specially when traveling with my family.

Do you know that there’s one credit card that allows you to enjoy the best of the world, what’s more, this ideal travel companion can fit perfectly in your pocket.

All thanks to Maybank Philippines for understanding our universal love of traveling. Travel is a luxury that allows you to experience new things and create precious memories. For many Filipinos, travel to distant places is a dream we want to fulfill. The opportunity to explore different places around the globe is what we work hard for and look forward to.

Not many of us know of Maybank's intent in forging a partnership with Mastercard. Maybank can serve and enhance this major lifestyle passion point through its credit cards which offer financial flexibility with borderless discounts and privileges that cater to cardholders, wherever in the world they may be.

Don't you just love that! 

In the bank’s desire to improve service to loyal customers, Maybank believes there is no better benefit than to offer its Platinum MasterCard cardholders the priceless experience of travel. “What people acquire from traveling – new memories, learning about different cultures, gaining new skills, a new perspective – are what we believe to be the things that matter most, and better than anything money can buy,” explains Maybank Cards and Unsecured Lending Head Eden Leah V. Estrella.

Since introducing its credit cards in the Philippines, with MasterCard as its partner, Maybank has offered amazing perks to cardholders that allow for rewarding, worry-free and convenient travel and spending.


To ensure the safety of the cardholders, every Maybank credit card contains an EMV-compliant chip to help prevent fraudulent transactions. No matter where they are in the world, an SMS is sent to the customer’s mobile phone after every transaction when they use the credit card. This allows cardholders to track their purchases and protects them from unauthorized transactions. Further security measures are in place with Maybank Secure Online Shopping (MSOS), which requires cardholders to enter a one-time password received via SMS before an online transaction at 3D secure websites.

On top of safety and security, Maybank credit cards offer unique and enjoyable travel benefits. Philippine-issued cardholders can shop and dine like the locals do in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Cambodia with cross-border privileges. Maybank Philippines cardholders can also enjoy discounts and freebies offered at local merchants from other countries.


The perks and discounts just get better as Maybank offers an attractive miles program and cashback benefit all in a single card. For every P50 spent using the Maybank Platinum MasterCard, cardholders earn 1 Asia Mile or 1 KrisFlyer Mile. A big plus is that using the Platinum card overseas also earns cardholders a 1% cashback rebate.

In partnership with MasterCard, Maybank Platinum MasterCard cardholders can also enjoy MasterCard’s Priceless Cities program which offers exclusive access to some of the most coveted places and events. “MasterCard has always made sure to offer the best to our clients, wherever in the world they may be,” shares MasterCard Philippines Vice President Judith Dayrit. The partnership with Maybank is a continuation of MasterCard’s commitment to crossing borders in order to provide priceless experiences.

For Maybank Platinum MasterCard cardholders, traveling is now so much easier and more rewarding, they really get the best of both worlds. Switch to the new and ideal travel companion today.

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