Monday, July 27, 2015

Hotel Review: A Hotel Staycation at Discovery Suites my Girls Would Always Want to Have

If you happen to read back from my previous post, about how wild my weekend went, you might conclude that this gal needs to take it slow and de-stress.  Well, that's what I did.

I was referring to this post entitled, Of Friendship, Family and Death.  

God was able to bless me again with a quick weekend get-away, from the topsy-turvy life of an over-worked mom to a blissful stay at Discovery Suites Hotel.  Sadly, we couldn't bring two of our kids, since no one will take care of our three dogs.  

My kids, like their mom love staying in suites where there is ample space to move around and cook.

Speaking of cooking, what I was really excited about was checking out their kitchen.

Seeing all these, I couldn't be more happy.  The kitchen is complete with all the amenities you need for cooking and eating. Even the scrub for washing the dishes is already there.  All you need to do is bring whatever you plan to prepare for a meal.

Upon entering the Serendipity One Bedroom suite that we booked,  A huge mirror on the wall facing the dining table and kitchen alley was presented giving that illusion of an even bigger space.

Here are my bosses for this weekend.  Can't leave them behind despite planning this as a late Father's Day gift to my husband. He doesn't really mind though, even if he had to sleep in the sofa.  Together with their gadgets and their school assignments, my husband and I had a little quite time for ourselves.  

Internet was fast here, btw.  Every reservation comes with an in-room free WIFI access, it it doesn't matter how many gadgets are connected online, it still was fast.

This built in cabinet made this living area very homey, like you're in a posh little sala enjoying a TV show.

The simple yet elegant no fuss bedroom.  Complete with a study desk and chair, 32 inch flat screen TV with cable like the one on the living area, two bedside tables and spacious closet equipped with a flat iron and ironing board.

The bed was small for us though, its a twin sharing.  But I slept like a tot with my girls on both my sides.  The bed was just so comfy and clean.  We woke up at 8 thinking it was only 6 am, which only signified that our overnight was just as relaxing.

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