Saturday, April 25, 2015

Vignettes from The Madrid Fusion Manila 2015

Held annually in Madrid, Spain, attended by elite chefs and experts in the culinary field to discuss trends, the evolution of tastes, and new food habits, Madrid Fusion Manila marked its first ever event in the Philippines and now is making waves in the food industry evolution.  

Madrid Fusion Manila 2015 is now featuring the Gastronomy Congress along side the Trade Exhibition. A a nationwide month-long Flavors of the Philippines Festival have been also bringing foodies in the forefront of the food scene to complement Madrid Fusion-Manila. For the first edition, the event is envisioned to showcase an encounter between Spanish and Filipino chefs to celebrate more than 300 years of shared history. 

For the Gastronomy Congress, the target was to have 1,400 participants: 700 foreign delegates and 700 Philippine delegates and targeting more than 170 exhibitors from Spain and the Philippines for the Trade Exhibition.  Reported during the press briefing, all access were fully-booked making all the marketing and promotion effective.

I was one of the many who were given the privilege to see the trade exhibition on it's first day.  So allow me to indulge you with my photo report on what happened on the 24th of April at the trade fare of Madrid Fusion Manila 2015.

Tourism Board of the Philippines Booth



I had the taste of baby cucumber dipped in Sting-less honey, a medicinal honey native to Batangas.
Cebu's Ralph Chocolates

Booth # 104 - San Miguel Corp.

The extravagant Tapas Bar from Great Food Solutions 

Equilibrium Booth with Dilmah Teas

The Farm at San Benito

SEATS ( Restaurant booking) BOOTH

Booth # 411 -Mama Sita

Booth # 423 - Albay

Booth # 440 - Calabarzon

Finally had tried Rodillas Yema Cake and Quezon's Pancit Habhab

Booth # 409 - Holy Carabao Farm

Ayala Booth

Valor Chocolates 

Govago's/ Resdiary Booth

Tastings and Seminars Area


These are just some of the reasons to look forward to the next Madrid Fusion Manila, hopefully they would again stage one here in Manila next year.


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