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Potts Point Cafe Opens Second Branch at SM Mall of Asia

Over the years, Bhogs (my husband and my worst enemy) had developed the defensive tactic of selective hearing.  So, okay, the benefits of this are obvious- much less time wasted in attending to every fleeting hysterical fit his wife indulges in.  I, however, have in response mastered a technique of incremental amplification that have proven most effective in breaking down his defenses.   Well, I've realized this over when I was telling Bhogs of the new restaurants that I've tried over this quarter. We never really quarrel when we are talking about cars, but when I would show him a review for a new restaurant, he would act differently, trying so hard to fake listening, that's when I get him.  

However, I've noticed (though I'm sure he's sick of me telling stories of how a lamb shank was perfectly drizzled with with rosemary-infused gravy or about a new cupcake flavor) when I told him about restaurants befriending local farmers, boom, I got his attention, this time I didn't get to throw a fit.  

This restaurant that I've been telling him really appealed to him and giving that spectral babble "we should try that restaurant soon," meant, though unadmittingly, he knows I'm doing him a favor of discovering good places to eat.

I was telling him about Potts Point Cafe.

I'm more happier telling him about Potts Point because it had its second branch opened at Mall of Asia, which is at Pasay City, where we live.  After all, he did promise me we will go and try all of the restos in MOA, hmmm, I guess I have to remind him that though.

I'm so honored to have been invited to the grand opening of the aforeknown cafe by Ace Azarraga, and the company who runs Potts Points, TOSH, Swenzen and Shrimp Shack.  

Can I simply say I love Potts Point.  For one, they are the only restaurant serving real organic and whole foods in MOA.  Also, the distinct not-so-Filipino familiar tastes yet comforting flavors, those dishes that look gorgeous and ready for an Instagram feed that's on the menu.

I had my first bite of their best-sellers at their Eastwood Mall branch, you can read my story by clicking the link below:

On the opening, with the ribbon-cutting and all, invited media were able to sample on a degustation menu curated-enough to delight both non-organic and organic food believers. 

Aside from being an organic food serving cafe, Potts Point is let me tell you, Australian in nature. This spanky cafe and its menu were inspired from the sophisticated and vibrant foodie side of Sydney, which happens to be its namesake.  So, expect your plate to go along with their Aussie inspiration.  

I started the feasting with a cold glass of fresh juices from pineapple, spinach, cucumber and orange. I sometimes connote organic with healthy, and this I might say is just one of the reasons why- beautifully curated fresh juice concoctions.

The first dish served to our table was rather thought-provoking. 


Wait, don't be scared, I'm not using any voodoo or attempting to curse you with some weird language.  Shakshuka, is the name of this dish served on a hot pot with toasts.  Wierd enough, I thought the menu calls for Australian type of cuisine, so why a Mediterranean staple? 

The word though is Arabic, meaning a mixture. This delish tomato-based sauce crowned with poached eggs and amplified with cumin.  Often eaten at breakfast, this dish prepares your palate for more rich, sauce-laden dishes, since it's slightly spiced and a wee tangy.  

I thought I was a bit okay with the first dish till this soup came along, and I was smitten with it's look. Well, it kinda have that fancy flare with the truffle foam afloat.  I'm always amazed with dishes using molecular gastronomy where simple soups are turned to, well, this...Cream of Organic Cauliflower Soup with Truffle Foam.

Every spoonful were comforting brought right at home, though, to be honest, it's my first time to have a soup out of a flower, cauliflower that is, oh yeah, it's organic cauliflower.

The feast kept on getting better...

Thai Chopped Salad With Grilled Chicken, Crispy Wonton and Pomelo then graced our table, and as always when there's salad, I'm one happy camper.  Underneath those grilled juicy chicken strips and fried wontons are freshly sliced salad greens and pomelo bits relished with Asian vinaigrette.  

My companions on the table might probably be talking about me and how I devoured what was left of the salad.

Next on our degustation list -Australian Grass-fed All Beef Burger with Australian Cheddar, Pickled Beets, Olive Oil Aioli and House-made Brioche Bun with Baked Sweet Potato Wedges (with Egg) 

Do I still have to describe the next plate "este" wooden tray?
Okay!  One word!?!
It's a complete meal in itself, you know, and quite heavy for a petite one like me.

Before I muttered being full (burped!, "scusa") the Roast Australian Lamb with Bone Marrow Rice and Demiglace was placed beside my plate, as our table gets full by the minute.
I don't know about you, but the sound of Australian lamb, bone marrow and, ah, demiglace, excite me, or maybe it's just me.

Let me deconstruct this lovely organic plate for you...the perfectly roasted Australian lamb is set on a bed of organic brown rice seasoned with bone marrow sauce and all were drizzled with demi-glace.  

French-cooking 101 for you my dear readers, a demi-glace (pronounced as "demi-GLASS") also known as demiglaze, is satiny, flavorful sauce used to glaze or as a sauce to red meats.  It's a reduction of basic brown sauce co-mixed with a half of brown stock.


My seat-mate's watermelon, kiwi and mint juice.

Before you judge this plate by how it looks, let me first say the linguine is consummately coated with Dill Cream Sauce, which is surprisingly subtly sweet.  
The Salmon Linguine with Capers in Dill Cream Sauce is a new fish-pasta that you have to try as a barter from your regular tomato-based or white sauced pasta dishes.  Who doesn't want salmon, especially the pink Norwegian ones, it was a surprise to me that it complemented well enough to the whole dish, however, I would prefer seeing olives than capers.

We ended the sumptuous lunch with two sampling of their desserts.  We had English Sticky Toffee Pudding with Vanilla Ice cream and Strawberry, Kiwi and Mango Trifle with Light Vanilla Custard and Cookie Crumble.

When it comes to sweets, I thought myself to be a bit peevish.  I used to love them all sweets, but at my age, health comes first, thus it was easy for me to stay away from the pudding for as the name suggests it's definitely caramel-ly sweet.  I had my friends had the first taste, and when they said "too sweet", it was time to lower the flag.  If however you still want to try this, make sure to have bitesof the pudding and the vanilla ice cream all-together to lighten up the cloying taste from the toffee sauce.

On the other hand, the Strawberry, Kiwi and Mango Trifle with Light Vanilla Custard and Cookie Crumble is a treat, though I'd still prefer a home-made uniquely flavored frozen yogurt or fresh fruit salad over this.

All in all, it was a great lunch and I'm coming back for their coffees, the menu states they are serving only Delano Specialty Roasted coffee, famous in Australia.

Lastly, a final note, hope my photos did not disappoint, I'm experimenting with my new Samsung K Zoom smartphone.

Potts Point Café 
2/F South Veranda, Entertainment Mall
SM Mall of Asia

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