Saturday, October 25, 2014

A Lumpia Like No Other: Smoked Alumahan and Salted-Egg Spring Rolls

YES!   I am so excited sharing this recipe.   I am not only happy my experiment turned out to be a success and my lumpia is delectable, but also my High School friends and I were able to set up a group of food lovers at Facebook.   We named our-selves "Food-Trippers."

So you ask why this lumpia is different.   For one, it is not the typical pork lumpia or lumpiang shanghai.   Let me tell a story first on how I had discovered this.  I was invited to a marketing stint of Alveo.   They have pulled up an event where they had envisioned a community to near perfection, with that they had invited three of the country's celebrated chefs, and with the chefs expertise they created a special menu distinct to the Alveo's products.   To know more about this you may read my other site.   Here is the blog and the link:  Three Different Southern Adventures with ALVEO.

Going back to my lumpia...  Inspired by Chef Florabel Co-Yatco's Smoked Bangus and Salted Egg Spring Rolls, mine was recipe out of what I tasted from that event, since there would be no way I could get grab a copy of Chef Florabel's recipe. 

Smoked Alumahan and Salted-Egg Spring Rolls


2 packs (4 pcs. medium-sized) tinapang Alumahan (smoked Alumahan)
3 salted eggs
1 packet of Rebisco Whole wheat crackers
2 cloves of garlic, minced
1 small scallion or red onion, chopped
olive oil
spring onions, about 4 stems, chopped
lumpia wrappers

Just like any other lumpia, you cook the filling and fold it in the wrapper and fry.
Anyway here is my version.
1.   Flake or shred the meat of the smoked fish.   Careful of  any fish bones not to mix with the meat.
2.   Removed the shells of the salted-eggs and chop.
3.   Saute garlic, onion on olive oil, once they are cooked, put the flakes and the spring onions.  Remove from fire after 5 minutes, do not overcook or burn the fish flakes.
4.   On a bowl, mix well chopped salted-eggs, the sauted fish flakes, crumbed Rebisco Whole-wheat crackers, and about 3 tablespoons of olive oil.  
5.   Get a tablespoon of the mixture and wrap it with the lumpia wrapper.
6.   Fry till golden brown.
7.  Serve with Mango Salsa or Cucumber salad or atchara.

   For this I guess the best Smoked fish to use is the Boneless Smoked Bangus.   It was hard flaking the ones that have lots of fish bones.   I also have done a Shanghai Spring Roll with Flaked Tuna instead of ground pork.   Yen Arceta, a  friend of mine have made a very nice version of Lumpiang Shanghai, see it here:!/photo.php?fbid=130166267055739&set=a.124657287606637.23306.100001870983884&theater

Thanks for posting that picture Yen, I just hope you are  reading this, this really pushed me 
to blog about this!

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