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Eat like a Viking with the 4th of July Theme

Independence Day in America means fireworks, BBQs, beaches, picnics, home parties and other events that make a summer holiday perfect. Now, we may be in the midst of rains here and we may not be able to make one heck of an apple pie but I know where we can have plenty of other ways to pay homage to our American friends this 4th of July.

The celebration usually spans from three days on a weekend to a long five days, however, Vikings will celebrate it every weekend for the whole month of July, which will kick off on Friday July 4, 2014.  Now you can #eatlikeaviking with a special menu so meticulously researched and prepared, quintessential to iconic American food.   

Each of Viking's branch will be featuring different dishes highlighting Americans' love for their food.  The dishes featured are American fave and at times sold on fair grounds on public venues or typical traditional dishes cooked every July 4, but wait, given some twists by Viking's chefs.

Yesterday, Vikings North Edsa hosted a sit down luncheon to select bloggers introducing the menu for the 4th of July theme.

We were dearly welcomed by the marketing representative and chefs, who took time to get things rolling with their inventive take on each dishes.

To give you a glimpse of what to expect at Vikings, North Edsa's menu, I came undaunted and faced an explicit meal at one of the best and largest buffet restaurant in the country, not minding how bloated I'll be after the juncture.

So began our fete with a plate of one of the appetizer.

Tortilla + Clubhouse Sandwich = Tortilla Club Sandwich...

That's like having a new spin on American classic 70's fave sandwich -Clubhouse.   What supposed to be typical triple-decked sandwich with bacon, turkey ham, lettuce and tomato were rolled with tortilla.  The tomatoes were replaced with chopped black olives and made tangy with a mayo-mustard sauce.

Our second plate was composed of Niagara Falls on the left, Maguro Haru Maki on the middle and Maryland Maki at the bottom.  

You will definitely feel the American spirit with how they have coined the sampling appetizers.  Apparently Amricans love sushi.  Sushi to them is the ultimate sexy health food. The combination of sticky rice, raw or cooked fish along with fresh vegetables, pickled ginger and the fiery taste of wasabi are not only appealing to the palate, but pleasing to the eye.  

Niagara Falls is a sushi with mango, avocado, and sashimi wrapped and rolled so neatly. The addition of cooked white noodles and a vinegar, citrus based sauce gave it the oomph factor.  

Another type of sushi, the Maryland Maki, has crab sticks, carrots, asparagus and chicken teriyaki drizzled with a comixture of strawberry sauce, all purpose cream and mango purée.

The Maguro Haru Maki was the one that won me over.  I was swooned to the simplicity of a thin spring roll wrapping layers of perfectly seasoned tuna and mango.

What's a feast without salad?  Thus we had Chicago Summer Corn Salad.  A plate of summer harvest right there for our sampling.  Lighty vinaigretted jumbled corn kernels, cucumber, and tomatoes on a bed of fresh greens.

An assortment of refreshments also awaits you.  My choice was the Minty Lemonade.

Soup up next with Boston Clam Chowder Soup.  A hot and think composite with the heavy flavor of clams is a pride on every household, probably every house in the Southern part have heirloom recipes for this.  Do not leave this cheesy bread sticks untouched, you'll regret it.

On our way to getting serious in the business of stuffing oneself, we moved to the first main course-  
Angel hair pasta in Agli Olio and roasted bell pepper bunched up with California Grilled Fish sitting on top.  I don't know with you, but I have practically developed an acquired taste to fruity flavors on meat dishes.  I love the interplay of the meaty or gamey flavors with the sauce bursting with fruity flavors from the orange marmalade coulis and poached oranges.  

The slices of Gindara were marinated for 24 hours in orange marmalade, red cooking wine, salt and pepper

To slightly break our meal in preparation for three other courses, we were served with Lemon Sorbet.  Try to squish the piece of lemon and mint leaf on to the crushed sour ice.

Don't be in awe when the server place this lovely plate on your table.  A rendition of Jambalaya Louisiana Rice is served with Indiana’s Pork Loin with Cranberry Sauce, Mississippi’s Turkey Sweet Potato and Shepherd’s Pie.  Another fruited meat, this time the pork was given a Cajun treatment, being enveloped with a sweet and tangy cranberry sauce.  If you are a fan of meat and pork, for this matter, you will love this, in any case, I'm not.

With regard to the pie, well, their inventive take on combining two pie recipes in one can be lauded, but I found the middle part, the mashed sweet potato, too mushy and I'm a bit discontented on the puff pastry.  But on a good note, I loved the Jambalaya rice, which was not over-powering even though it was seasoned with 8 different kinds of spices.   

To fully gratify your meat craving, how about some Tenderloin, cooked the way you want it.  I was served with a little underdone slices, but what really fascinated me was the Yorkshire Pudding and the thinly sliced crisp fried onion rings.  Sorry, and not, it was my first time to have one.  It somehow disguised as a muffin hidden beneath the tender loins.  Said to be the perfect accompaniment for roasts.  

Another thing I love about the plating and the profoundness of its taste as a whole is the minuscule molecular gastronomy applied on the white sauce over the tender loin.  Can you it see bubbling?  Yep, that's a delish foamy Horse Radish Sauce right there!

What's a feast without a sweet ending?  Have you seen Viking's dessert spread?

You will either be caught breathless or shouting OMG!

And  yes, we were caught by surprise as these heavenly slices were brought to our table.

From the top, Boston Cream Pie, New York Cheese Cake
Cherry Cashew Parfait. 

Before I tell you how these pastries fared, let me first share you an info. A Boston Cream Pie a cake that is filled with a custard or cream filling and frosted with chocolate. Although it is called a Boston cream pie, it is in fact a cake, and not a pie (Wikipedia). 

They got me there!  Nonetheless, above the intrigues I loved it, loved, loved it!

This cake made Boston famous but as per Martha Stewart, this luscious cake is the official state dessert of Massachusetts.  But lo, this isn't the original one, again the pastry chefs and sous chefs crafted a decadent layer cake and it was indeed a pièce de résistance.  The bottom, slightly gelatinous is layered with dark and white chocolate mousse then mantled with a sheer sheet of chocolate glaze.

Next to it, on the middle, are New York Cheesecake Triangles.  A total must-have in 4th of July gatherings. Lastly, is the Cherry Cashew Parfait, a stash of roasted cashews and cherry-spiked cream.

Vikings Luxury Buffet
Address:         4/F The Block, SM City North EDSA, Quezon City
Contact Numbers:  02 3763888, 02 3764888

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