Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Toby's Estate, Another of our Coffee-nating Experience

A friend invited me for the launching of Acqua Private Residences by Century Properties at Sucat, a few weeks ago.  I really loved to go and see their model/endorser, but alas, the notice was so short and it was impossible for me to come to the party.  Instead of sulking over that, I got a bit stalled at Century Properties Instagram posts.  Till I found out about Century City Mall.
That week, hubby and I have been dying to have major break-time from the business, kids and our own jobs.  We have been planning to watch 300 for the time being, so I thought it would be perfect to see the movie at a new cinema, in Century City mall.
While stalking Century Properties IG, I came across Toby's Estate Coffee Roasters photo.  Apparently, the mall I was referring to have opened up with some new coffee shops and restaurants (and of course high-end stores) to cater to it's mall-goers, and residential and business tenants at the adjoining condo units.
 So it seemed that something was brewing and I instantly made a plan of watching 300: Rise of the Empire and then have coffee at Toby's Estate, or the other way around.  Well, what ever happened I made sure to do both.  Hehe.

I like this poster in front of the dining ledge, it's actually an infograph of  the farm-to-barista coffee journey.  According to the baristas they source out their coffee directly from the farmers of Woolloomooloo, Sydney, Australia.  Toby's, btw, originated from Australia and have branched out to the different corners of the world, joining the roster of the thirdwave coffee movement.  Say what? Thirdwave...
Yup, it's a coffee principle being supported by coffee roasters which make sure that fair-trade is imposed in the business and that coffee-making is highlighted as an extreme luxury turned in to craft.  Other words that may be coined to the philosophy are artisan, gourmet,

Luckily the cafe sits right next to the cinema, together with some other food joints.  We came in 45 minutes early for the next screening so I gladly told hubby that we could get some good cups of coffee and get to know the mall better.  
Yay!  Yey!  
Toby's Estate at first glance seemed to resemble a coffee shop at a subway station, with its arched ceiling with white-painted wooden panels.  Walls have been tiled  to white, making it a bit vintage-y, with black boards carrying their name, messages and menu to contrast the whites.
It's actually meant to be a take-out coffee and grub counter, since there isn't really a big space to accommodate a big group.  Seating is a downside, for they only have one ledge to place your stuff which only can accommodate up to four dine in customers.  
I was told they will be opening a bigger cafe, also in Makati to serve to more coffee aficionados and have a full dining experience.   

Hubby's cup of Mocha (P 160).  I know it's a thing of beauty, but don't you want to just grab it from your screen?  And it taste perfect as good as it looks too.  I can't truly be as honest as I could when I tell you how darn good that coffee was, I was actually stealing a few sips from Bhogs, even though I also loved my cold Chai Latte.  

My Chai Latte. 

We also planned o eat dinner after the movie so we just tried the Baby Spinach Bocaditos of Baked by Anita.  It has French goat cheese, toasted pine nuts, organic herbs and spices, organic chicken stock, making it really savory.  They actually have other variants and other pastries to go with your coffee.

Oh, I can't wait to be back in your arms Toby's Estate.  Will definitely visit your second branch in Toby's Estate  at 125 L.P Leviste St, Salcedo Village, Makati City.

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  1. That cup of Mocha is love. hope to try them soon.


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