Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Hub @ Kilometer 0

I'm a self-proclaimed wanderlust and penning my travel experiences have made me realize it wasn't easy, especially if you are travelling with four kids and a whiny husband (sometimes).  Amongst the many pitfalls we've encountered, one most annoying is to wait for several hours without a decent place to have coffee or even a seat.  I can recall how painful it was to lie down for  4 to 5 hours on freakin' cold metal airport seats when we got stranded at Doha, Qatar.  Yep, I don't have the luxury like most of the travelling VIP's so no lounges and expensive airport cafes for us.

The Hub's main entrance

But now, cruising  the country can be more enjoyable and less hassle for frequent travelers like our family. With a place like The Hub at Kilometer Zero, one can get the five-in-one place perks.

LOUNGE.  Situated at the  historic Luneta Park, one can sip away time while enjoying the lush greenery after passing by the great Jose Rizal monument.  There are lots of nooks to rest your weary bods around the premiss, either indoor or outdoor, to slack off.

CAFE.  Beverages from hot to cold  freshly brewed Batangas coffee to the explicit espresso concoctions are flaunted in the wooden-framed coffee menu hanged above the bar.  What way to brag about their truly affordable price. Hmmm...I could live here and get not just three kinds of coffee on a daily basis.  I'm pretty sure Rizal Park goers would not miss this, after all it's the only coffee shop that's a stone throw away from Rizal's monument.

RESTAURANT.   There is indeed something cooking up at Km. 0.   Owe your soon to have dining experience at nonetheless than Luneta from 2GO's Travel Executive Corporate Chef Jonathan Paulo "JP" Landingin.  He finished Culinary Studies at College of St. Benilde and honed his passion more for cooking at American Hospitality Academy.   Aside from overseeing the food served in 2Go Travel vessels, he also manages the catering services for 2GO Travel's corporate offices, parties, and event.  With The Hub being the newest of his assignments, he developed a host of favorite Filipino cuisine with twists.  Let me share you some of the gourmet treats I was able to partake at the recent launch of The Bub.

A salad of some sort with pomelo in vinaigrette.

The Hub Pinoy Burger (Sliders), which comprises of fried Kangkong, kesong puti, which when ordered is served with camote chips.

Another of Chef JP's famous creation is the Bacolod Chicken Inasal Sandwich.  You'll be surprised how meticulously the Chicken Inasal was filleted and dressed with  brown sauce, will tickle your palate.

For dessert, I was able to try Mangosteen Mousse
 As exotic as it sounds, I didn't know the very potent  mangosteen can also flavor a mousse recipe.  I wasn't able to identify first that there was mangosteen in the dessert I was having on a shot glass, but it sure was on the list of my "to-eat more dessert list."

BAR.   If you think you need to drive or ride a jeepney down to Malate or Mabini just to see shiny Catalina glasses filled with thirst-quenching and party-pumping cocktails, then fret not, for The Hub also serves cocktails and other alcoholic beverages.  The baristas were trained and handled by a British guy named Daniel Slakmon.  His exposures in Princess Cruises and other private bars, clubs and restaurants were more than enough to deliver a cocktail and coffee menu that would make this joint a must-visit one.
My recommendations are The Magenta Crushed Hub
A rum flavored with mango nectar, fresh passion fruit and grenadine.

Alcoholic or Non-alcoholic Mojito
If on occasion I would need to sip some alcohol, Mojito is often my top choice.  But lucky me, I didn't have to, for you can ask the staff  here to serve it in mock-alcohol.    The Lime and Mint combo give it an uplifting feel, making it a great pick-me-uppers for those stressful travel times.

TICKETING OFFICE.  Finally, making this place as a one-stop shop for your travelling troubles, they also have ticketing agents to guide you in booking your tours via 2GO Travels.  

Isn't that just nifty.  What a great idea from 2GO!

Located in Bulwagan ng Kagitingan, Rizal Park


  1. wow! a new nice place to visit in Luneta will definitely check it out when Adee and I explore Luneta

  2. This is a nice place, their location is so good. Very accessible because it is located at Luneta, after the fun-filled playing at the park they have a place called HUB that caters sumptuous food. Good!

  3. Whiny pala ah? Haha I agree that a non-alcoholic mojito is a great stress reliever.

  4. The mangosteen mousse in a glass that seems to be for a shot of tequila looks exquisite. I didn't know such things exist in Rizal Park - that's so near to my place whaha.

  5. Wow! I'm impressed that 2GO has branched out from their usual venture. I'm definitely visiting the Hub when my friends and I do another trip in Manila.

  6. Wow. this is a new place to visit. Wandering at Luneta got me boring when I was in elem. (whoah that was a long long time ago.) but now, I guess every visitor of Luneta would love to set foot to The Hub.


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