Saturday, January 4, 2014

Kids Eat for Free on Weekends at Flapjacks

I've been keeping a secret for a long time already.  Though I don't really mean to keep it, it so happened that after eating with my family at this resto, I tend to forget sharing the enjoyable dining experience. (Parang memory loss pagkatapos magpakabusog.  LOL!)

Before the foodie term conception of "all-day breakfast," there is Flapjacks already.  We have loved Flapjacks since we tried it for the first time.  I love trying out newly opened restaurants and cafe's, even my kids too, but just the same, we are also creatures of habit.

Going back to the secret, well, this isn't really a secret, especially to  the regular diners of Flapjacks and Italianni's.  All of Bistro Groups restos are kid-friendly and at this particular resto in Greenhills, they welcome kids up to 10 years old with free meals.  There I said it!  Go there on weekends and have your kids indulge with all-time kiddie favorites like pancakes, pasta, fries and more.
Mac n' Cheese platter: has breaded chicken strips, French Fries and Macaroni and Cheese.
There is no terms in availing the promo, though every table is limited to two FREE kiddie meals.  They have Junior platters to choose from menu.  Every items are every kids favorite and served heftily even  for older kids.

My youngest, Danica, had these mini-pancakes (they aren't mini in my world), so this is a heavy snack to have already.  Their fluffy and buttery pancakes are our favorite.  You can either have it with maple syrup and butter or chocolate syrup and some marshmallows.

Waffle Platter (P 275)
 Dana had the first platter and a portion of the above, mainly the bacon and the other waffle.   We had this and more for our dinner.  I will share you the family lunch we had last December and why we love it here, not just because of the free meals.

Address:  F&B3 Arts Plaza, Greenhills Theatre Mall, San Juan
Contact Numbers:  584-0639 / 0917-507-8654


  1. Wow! For sure its yummy! all of FREE kiddie meals are Nzo's fave! Is there Flapjacks here in South? ^_^

  2. Hi Julie, unfortunately, they only have one branch, in Greenhills only. Try to call Italianni's if they have a branch at ATC, they might have this same promo.

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