Thursday, January 16, 2014

Rekindling My Love for Meat at Tender Bob's

If eating has to become a sack-cloth and ashes penance, where we only eat food for its nutritional value, then we may as well all become vegan sheeples.  But you see,  we are so fortunate that we have been adapted by evolution to enjoy the tastes of nourishing food — like meat!  So, I guess there is nothing wrong in enjoying our food, except if you eat as if there's no tomorrow? 

There used to be a time that I re-oriented my palate to a subsequent amount of meat after reading articles for some of its health-benefits.  I had to admit, I'm sometimes an overly health-freak and because of some fears of getting this and that sickness, I opted to fill my body with only fruits and vegetables and less grains.  Then I got to a point where my body was losing protein sources.  Well, the veggies I'm eating isn't giving me enough protein to build muscles.  Also, I was detected to having thin bones and have been advised to seek doctor's help in early osteoporosis prevention.

In that effect, I was obliged to get adequate serving of meat.  Thus I said Yey! to that.

However, I still find it difficult to find a place where I can not only eat the meat being served to me but to savor it in every bite.  Yes, that's me, I find time to relish every dining moments I have specially if it deserves to be recommended.   Thus, let me give you Tender Bob's.

I love stepping in to rustic, kind of  "Southern-y" restaurants, like Tender Bob's in Greenbelt 2.  It kindles comfort, laid-back feel and dining is down-right pleasant.  The high ceiling accentuates the over-sized framed photos of the menu's best-sellers cladded on wooden planked walls, which altogether seemed to be inviting.
 Outrageous wall ornaments such as these rackets, found on the stairs leading to the function room on the second level.

Ordering is a breeze.  For a first-timer like me in Tender Bob's, I would have found it difficult to choose what to get, because the menu is filled with all that are yummy and meaty.  The staff were so accommodating, even the Store Supervisor, Ms Mary Ann Bernare was so welcoming in entertaining our questions about their menu.

For starters we had their all-time best-seller, Potato Skins (P200).  I never realized potato skins can still be as good as any chips, in fact, it's way better.  Just a thought, the next time you throw potato peelings, remember the photo above.  It is perceived as the most nutritious part of the potato, don't you know? Tender Bob's was crispy without being oily.   The flavor was intense yet not salty.  At first bite I said, I could live with this...good bye packed junk foods!

Grilled U.S. Pork Belly with Pineapple Pepper Relish (P 320) came next to our table just as we were enjoying our Potato Skins.  The aroma was incredibly saliva-inducing.  I'm not sure if this is still grilled the American way.  I could describe the taste as how my dad or my aunts would marinate it with a little sweetness.  Perhaps some juice from the pineapples or lemon (or calamansi) made it a little tangy and sweet. Your plate is complete with steamed veggies and fried rice.

I just needed to mention how tender the meat is, it easily falls off the bone when twerked with a fork.  
On that night I cheated a bit on my health, eating a few bits of the fat portion, which I don't normally do and I often disregard that part, any fatty part of every kind of meat that is. 

I'm so into meat dishes with pineapples.  I just love how it fuses specially with pork. So, I would definitely recommend this to any newbie or old-timer diners of Tender Bob's.  Having said that, let me also recommend the Pineapple Tonburg Set of Tokyo Tonteki in UP Town Center.

 And when you say comfort food, hamburger remains to be on the list.  Partnered with big-sized French fries, the One Pond Burger (P 415) deserved to be given enough applaud.  If you think one patty is enough for a seemingly average burger, then how could a three-patty burger not mesmerize you?  Upon seeing this towering burger, I almost fell of the chair and thought that I might not like it.  Why?  It's a food for the carnivorous for heaven's sake!  And I'm not one.

Braved myself and looking at my fellow bloggers all-eyes on the burger, I made the first slice and had the first bite.  And you know what?  It was indeed heaven!
You will notice the nicely done grill marks on each of the burgers as well.  The tomato and onion slices also made it to the grill.

Now, I no longer miss Carl's Jr. and his grilled beef patties, Bob is here!
Each grilled Black Angus patty is a third of an inch thick.  Even though it's that thick it still is juicy and completely cooked right through the middle.  The taste is incredible, I think I'm going to convert to being a meat-eater, NOT!

If you got "umay" with all the meat, make sure to cap the meal with a dessert and their top suggestion - Sizzling Caramel Bread Pudding (P 220).  The home-made caramel bread pudding was swimming in boiling toffee sauce and served ala mode on a sizzling pan.  Crazy?  Yes!  But beyond that, is a gooey, delightful treat that will leave you either speechless or with an "AAAHHH!"

Make sure you consume this immediately before the scoop of vanilla ice cream melts all over the pudding. What I like about this and which amazes me is how the pudding stands firm with all the syrup and ice cream melting.  Because if so, it would probably end up yucky and unappetizing.  I'm not a syrup person but I enjoyed eating this with  all those syrup, 'coz it's not at all too cloying.  However, two of us finished this in no time, just for the record.  But I don't mind coming back just for this and the Potato Skins.

4 branches:
Address : Greenbelt 2, Makati City
Contact Numbers: 2025013717

Greenhills Promenade

Shangrila Mall 6th Level

SM North Edsa The Block

For Deliveries:Just dial 2121212

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