Monday, July 15, 2013

Stand Up for 'Beta' Days!

I had always prided myself on the fact that I had raised a wonderful teenage daughter (and a teenage son as well).  I try to go down to her needs as a girl coping up with many changes, making sure that in the process I can be the best resource person for her, including facing hormonal changes.  It is one of the main reason why I decided to be a stay-at-home mom, to be always present whenever something serious arises, like the first menstrual period.  I have three girls to raise my case.

My mom was not around during those awkward stage, so I became a  bit reserved and confused.  I was afraid of being  bullied, harassed and embarrassed because of such developments, physically and sexually.  
You know what I mean, girls!
Till the time I learned to be clean on my own and have started being OC about how I would smell during red days.  As time progresses, and new products come out, making you feel more at ease with your hygiene, you tend to be aware more of how confident you can be using those products.  To bluntly put it, when you get older and started having kids, more residues come out your body, like discharges.  Worse when you have your period.  
I thank God for feminine washes, panty-liners and of course, feminine napkins.  You know how it feels to be always fresh and clean from down there.  To dare to flaunt it with wearing your power dress or that skimpy mini skirt, not afraid to be rejected or something.  
Regular days are now okay, how about the days when you feel hot, sticky, messy and smelling like rotten-blood or fishy?  Let's not forget the itchiness, bacterial infection and irritations.  Sorry about being vivid on my description.  I would know when my daughter is having her period, she refuses to move and tries to stay away from people.  
I raised my girls to be clean, not perfectly though, they are into crafting and gardening and activities requiring them to be physical and social.  But when it is about personal hygiene, I do not waver!
Raising three unique girls is hard, having a teenager is even more challenging.  
But what I want them to become are strong women who are not shy to raise out their voices, to act accordingly to every situation and to face daily provocation with confidence and wisdom.  Even when they are having their period.  
I am happy that I was introduced to BETADINE® Feminine Wash.   Do you know that settling for an ordinary feminine wash during your time of the month may not be enough? 
 “We need extra protection during red days and BETADINE® Feminine Wash can give that,” Bianca Gonzalez says on the media event of  Povidone-Iodine Betadine Feminine wash event, dubbed as "Women are Going to See Better Days."  

Today, the television host, social media star, newspaper columnist, magazine editor, and modern day Pinay icon chooses to speak up on feminine hygiene and urges her fellow Filipinas to move on and seek better days: “We should get the protection we deserve,” Bianca says. “For example, during red days, women cannot use ordinary panty liners—we need to change to sanitary napkins or tampons. It is the same with the daily feminine wash we use—during red days, we have the option to use a better feminine wash.” she says.

The reason for this is that you are more at risk for itchiness, infection, and irritation during red days. So settling for an ordinary feminine wash during your time of the month may not be enough.  “We need extra protection during red days and BETADINE® Feminine Wash can give that,” Bianca says.

What BETADINE® Feminine Wash does that a daily feminine wash cannot do as effectively is eliminate bacteria, viruses, and fungi that cause irritation during red days. Using BETADINE® Feminine Wash means less risk of infection, relief from itchiness and irritation, and a worry free mindset that comes from knowing your health and hygiene are well taken care of, and that there are better days ahead.

“That is why this campaign means so much to me,” Bianca says. “It empowers women, reassuring them that they are not alone in their worries, and that a product to help them with their worries is readily available.”

The event was held last July 2 at the Ruby Conference Room of Crowne Plaza Hotel, in Ortigas Center.
Women from all walks of life attended, including the four as Bottom-liners for the talk which was hosted by Boy Abunda.  One of our blogger friends - Janese Halabaso of  Random Thoughts of a Lakwatsera Mom was seated as one and was able to ask the questions we (ladies) don't get to ask, for the reason that we are ashamed.   

Every day is a chance to take care of yourself and to live life to the fullest. For better days, use what is most appropriate for your health and hygiene during red days, use BETADINE® Feminine Wash. 

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