Saturday, July 13, 2013

A Spark of Genuine, Sincere Blogging Inspired from Write On, Mom: Thinking Editorially

 Today was such an awakening and enlightening experience I had with fellow writer/blogger aspirants.  All of us are evidently mommies.  Some are professionals while others are stay-at-home moms who try their best to be everything a good mom should be.  From daily preparing an unusual bento (baon box) box to finding a niche in writing and setting up ones own blog, either for a business or just to have an online journal or sorts.

Not only was I able to discover a new foodie spot which is a bit tucked in from the normal food route, I also was able to meet (hopefully) new blogging sissies and moms of kindred spirits.  Oh, I was talking about La Creperie, which is a French-inspired cot-like place.  La Creperie is not actually new to me.  I love going to their Robinson's Galleria branch and when my mom last visited us, I brought her to the branch at Shangri La Mall.  I actually blogged about it here.

To be honest, blogging used to be my hobby, my excuse to do away with some chores, the only me time I can afford for some time.  It is an avenue where I can control my thoughts and bring it out to the open, not minding it becoming an internet litter that might just clog up the cyber highway.

But now, it became more of a tiring work which sometimes brought odd mental exhaustion because of too much focused thinking.   There would be times that I would forego playing or chitchatting with my girls because I needed to finish a post.

I used to remember one local writer who said that being a writer is like catching words likened more to catching fireflies.  Especially when you needed to finish a blog about an issue or a product that was asked for you to review, and since I'm a food  blogger, I have a number of drafts of restaurant reviews needed to accomplish, and most of the time the essence of it all are not being met anymore, like I'm not happy to do it anymore but still compelled to do it.

At first, I thought I was reaching out to many readers, most of which are my former classmates, my friends from abroad and new found blogger friends.  Then I got to the point where I was spending way out of my normal budget just to feature a certain restaurant then ending up not writing about them.   Procrastination may be the culprit but I'm blaming it on impediments.

Finally, I know what I needed, not what this blog needed, but what can answer my unhappiness through blogging.  I need a breakthrough.

My husband is supportive of what I do, he let's me decide for the family's  time so to inspire me into blogging some more, knowing that I get part of my happiness through it.  Even though at times, it sucks up a sum  of our finances and time.   But unimaginable to him is  that what I do to be happy is somehow being extinguished due to dead lines and requests.
Thanks to Martine De Luna a well-rounded blogger from Dainty Mom, for spear-heading this workshop coined as "Write On, Mom: Thinking Editorially."

I never realized that I do represent my blog.  I own it, actually. I invested time, even countless sleepless nights.  I set an amount for it, surveyed and eventually ventured on paid posts.   It never got to my head that blogging is owning me already.  Simply said as being addicted to it.  Without imparting much message to the ones I have intended to entertain.

The workshop made me go-back to the reason why I went to blogging instead of cross-stitching or beading (which I also got hooked into prior to blogging).  To connect emotionally to a legion of parents, educators, green-thumbs and adventurous foodies is what used to be my goal, which for a time became shrouded.

I can utterly admit that I've fallen flat on my face because it was not clear to me anymore that it is still about branding.  Quite shameful that my blog became a hodge-podge of information.  It became unorganized, with  less thoughtfulness, and has less heart to it.

Breaks my heart understanding this, but I just hope that the three years were not just spent wasting beautiful thoughts.

Then again, a marsh of ideas come rushing through with a definite focal point and more sensible direction.
With this, it is just right to  recognize the creative activities we got engaged  in during the workshop.

I'm a mom, a wife, a daughter, a sister and a friend who everyone can be plugged into for a myriad of resources, and I will be forever, for as long as God commissions me too.

Here's to my classmates who I enjoyed listening to and getting inspirational juices from.

This blog will not be a mere wave of information but more of a personal, quirky mommy notion spilled on every posts I will make.

Also, watch out for my ABOUT PAGE!
A shameless plug that is.  Well just imagine that it took me this far to compose one.  

Will keep everyone posted on the coming events congruent to this!  Moms are so welcome to join Martine into being molded as a thoughtful blogger.

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The workshop was also a delightful gustatory experience of what La Creperie offers.  So do come back again for a blog on that.


  1. This is wonderful. I'm glad to share our time last Saturday, but more importantly, thank you for sharing more of you in this post.

  2. Hello classmate! Can't wait for the unveiling of the new about page :) - Van


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