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Food Exploits Along Byaheng Bonifacio: Byaheng Bayani ng Bayan

 Not only that our country is rich in history, we are a nation also built by food lovers.   Some of our historians have even kept  a  memoir of the Philippine heroes best-loved dishes.   Accounts from Jose Rizal' food shared below:
Highlighting Jose Rizal's Passion for Food With Kulinarya Kalayaan 2012

Eat Like Rizal at Bacolod Chicken Inasal

Where ever you might want to explore, food and native delicacies are abundant, in the streets, markets and malls.   When the Department of Tourism invited me to join in the Cavite tour of the Byaheng Banifacio: Byaheng Bayani ng Bayan, we never went hungry, in fact I went home a wee sluggish due to the different native dishes we had tried along the tour to 5 municipalities and 1 city of Cavite, only in one day!

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Privy to Old-world Cavite Delicacy

The photo on the top is a table spread with bilaos (winnowing basket)  of  okoy, empanada, puto and pichi-pichi.   All widely available in markets of Cavite towns.
On our stop-over in Indang, Cavite to visit the site of Pinagbarilan (where Bonifacio had supposedly been shot by a guardia civil with his troop and had been captured), we were warmly welcomed by the staff of DOT-Indang office, with bottled waters and packs of Kalamay.   A sticky sweet delicacy made by extracting coconut milk from grated coconuts, then mixed with ground glutinous rice, while maintaining an integrity in sweetness with cupfuls of brown sugar.  I remembered my relatives bringing these from our province in Bohol whenever they visit us here in Manila, it was one of the native delicacy I would not dare forget in a lifetime.
This really blew my mind away!  To be honest I never really liked eating "kaning lamig" (also known as bahaw, meaning cold and left over rice), unless it would be cooked into Sinangag (fried rice).  Do you?  But here at the Hacienda de Naic, or at Naic even, they never put left over rice to waste.   As shared by the teachers who assisted us for this tour/stop over, the rice, uneaten and left to cold is turned into a delish snack or dessert, which they call "Sinudsod" (hoped I got it correct).  Sinudsod, a verb meaning scraped off, literally meant for this dish, as the rice is scuffed off from the pot, pounded, mixed with ground "malagkit rice"  and made into a pancake-like batter (with water and vegetable oil added).   Traditionally was cooked over the top cover of a palayok, is cooked like a crepe, or a thin pancake.   It then was put in a bowl, ladled with cold coconut milk and topped with cubed gelatin.  Walaahh!
A refreshing snack out of the humbled  left over rice

Another snack inherent to Naic is the Muchi (or Buchi)

Lunch Pit-stop before heading to Maragondon Execution site
Now, if you want real food, sitted down and cooled down in an ACd restaurant, then better stop over here at Lolo Claro's Restaurant in Maragondon.   This restaurant is so famous with their classic pseudo-Max Fried Chicken.

Frothy Iced tea is a must here specially on a humid day for a tour.
The chicken was indeed "sarap to the bones!"  Served without gravy, so just look or ask for thier Jufran banaa ketchup.
Of course no Filipino restaurant or carinderia doesn't have a version of the cult fave Pancit.
Shanghai Spring rolls...
Might I say you would want to try their Kare-Kare as well, though I heard a few critics around our table that their Bagoong (salted shrimp paste) needed improvement.   Though the mildly sweetened sauce of the Kare-Kare was inviting enough...
They also have Menudo, but I'm not into pork.  However, this dish is well seasoned as well, but still have the Filipino dish character of being sweet and salty at the same time.

I would like to thank the Dept. of Tourism, headed by Mr. Ryan Sebastian, for the one of kind and enriching experience...

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