Thursday, April 25, 2013

What's in My Chuck's Deli Lunch Bag + Slay the Buffy Challenge

It 's one of those days when things aren't flying out right.   When you can not even sit down and mull over issues that had arise. What do you do?  
Breath, think about sandwiches, then get ready to raid the fridge.
That's how I lived and thrived on, gobbling up sandwiches at any given time.   My movie time partner, a Sub  sandwich; my coffee and tea companion, grilled wheaties filled with PB and J; meals can also be a stack of cheeses, cold cuts, fresh, crisp greens and more breads.   As far as I can remember in the past, the first thing that filled my lunch bag was a sandwich heartily prepared by my mom, I was in pre-school then.   
When news surfaced about Chuck's Deli's slabwich, I have been itching to try it.  However, it took me years to have that experience.    Thanks to a blogger friend who invited me to check out their offerings.  Chuck's Deli has two branches, Eastwood and Serendra.  I got to visit their Serendra branch.  The place was a wee small but enough sittings available.  I said small because customers easily fill it up.   I guess everyone had the experience already and have been coming back except me.  
The place is simply designed with just blackboards on the walls, on one side is the bragging wall for the hall of famers of slabwich eaters.  The lack in the dining place's appeal was made up with love for sandwiches and great comfort food.

An Orgy in the Lunch Bag

What I really like about Chuck's Deli is that they have come up with a stunning idea of  a threesome and foresome for lunch, snack or dinner. Pardon me with my play of words there, what I meant is the Lunch Bag.  It is now their promo to have your favorite Quarter Slab (1/4 Slab) packed with either chips, salad, soup plus Raspberry Tea Slush. 
This package is good for not so big eaters like moi, or for those times when you just need to have a quick bite and a half or full slab needed to be excused for the moment.
You have four choices in the Lunch Bag promo,  choosing is exciting as a game. First you need to decide which Slabwich to choose.   For me this was the hardest, from among the 11 options with names like Faking Duck, French Kiss, Hey Sexy, Hansome Threesome (won't that make you hot) etc, you need to choose one.   I had the Jessica's Meltdown.   You also need to choose your kind of bread, wheat or white ciabata. Next, you need to determine whether you are having it with chips, a bowl of soup, a salad or both salad and soup.  
If you choose salad -that's Lunch Bag # 2, now decide whether it's Grilled Vegetables, Caesar, Martin's Buffy or Waki.
If you like soup better with your quarter slab, two dibs are available, the Cream of Mushroom orTomato and Basil.
My Slabwich dinner:  In between a sliced and cruncy Ciabata bread is the chicken of the sea (a.k.a. Tuna), mixed with mayo and some spices, topped with jalapeños, American cheese (cheddar), lettuce, cucumber and tomato.   I'm not used to ordering the Ceasar Salad for I would prefer others, but since it's a night full of challenges why not, and what do you know, it's one 'hellava' good salad.
Many of the bloggers who have been here swore by their Arce Dairy Ice Cream Shakes.  I varieties enticing to cool you off from this humid and scorching hot weather.   Mine was the Cookie Crumble flavor.   I guess now I'll be swearing an oath to be back the soonest.
Some of my friends got a sample of #4 Lunch Bag option.   Above is the Faking Duck,  a Slab with a heavy stack of roast pork inspired from the peking-style, lettuce, hoisin sauce, leeks and crispy noodles.   It went with a hearty Tomato and Basil Soup and Waki Salad (their rendition of Maki salad)
Another one had to slay some vampires with a pack of buffalo (a.k.a. Buffy) chicken and garlic sauce. It's the Buffy with Caesar salad and Cream of Mushroom soup.    

While slaying some of the buffies, why not snarf some of this fried potato treats. French Fries, Potato Wedges and Smiley Fries.  They come with two kids of sauces as well, the other one is white and garlicky, while the other is spicy.
Aren't these balls adorable?  They're actually one of the fillings for the Slabwiches.  But they thought it would be a good idea to put them on sticks and eat them as they are.   They call it Chukatsu.  These are ground chicken meat formed into balls and cooked the katsu way.   I love the zesty garlic-mayo dip that goes with it.   Please, please, you should try this!  I swear it will give you the sudden urge of looking for vampires and slay them...hahaha.
If you’re up for an uber food challenge, Chuck’s Deli have put up exciting ways to work up your appetite.  Let me introduce you to your first enemy - The Mother Chucker, shown above.
Finish the Mother Chucker in 2 and a half minutes and get to reap the rewards.
REWARD:  The sandwich will be FREE, a GC worth P250 to use on your next visit and of course bragging rights on the Wall of Fame at Chuck's Deli.
Or get to choose from a heavier enemy- The Buffy Slabwich!

 A slabwich weighs roughly around half a kilo served on  a 10-inch long Ciabatta bread, in between are  buffalo chicken meats (so make sure to have glasses of water along side), made more spicy with the garlic sauce but the coleslaw inside cools down challenge a bit.   You need less  than 5 minutes to Slay the Buffy!
REWARD: The Buffy is Free, a T-shirt, and bragging rights in their hall of fame board.
No one in the group had to put up with the challenge, but a group of hunks decided to take on the challenge.

However, these four customers tried and tried but I think they need to figure out a way they could do it.   Or probably we made them conscious and we had been the menacing hindrance towards not finishing their Buffy.  But still hats off to you guys for being brave enough...
Maybe next time!

Chuck’s Deli
Address:  G/F Serendra, Bonifacio Global City (along the street of Market Market)


  1. The sandwiches look totally delish. You left me craving for some here Joy.:)

  2. HEhe, sorry about that friend:) Time to drop by at any Chucks Deli...I think they are planning to open a branch in the south.


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