Thursday, December 13, 2012

Snoopy's Holiday Streetfare

For a dog who was never meant to be a permanent member of the Peanuts gang, Snoopy has shown the greatest staying power and likability, and is respected far beyond any other cartoon creation.   He is for one, my best comic strip pet  ever since I got hold of a comic book collectible and I have garnered a lot of insightful principles and values reading form those strips.  
And so, I was extremely ecstatic when one of my friend blogger (Ning Buning) posted something about a 'Holiday Street Fair in his honor.'   Since I knew that the Snoopy theme have been also used as kid's clothing line, I somehow have gotten quite a relation with the Snoopy character.   As a mom, I am very particular in what cartoon character my kids would want to represent and be seen on their clothes and daily stuff.   And the Snoopy line is a great product from  Cool Joe, Uniqlo and Mercibeaucoup incorporated.
On the event, which took place last November 24, moms and kids celebrated Snoopy's 60th year with a fashion show showcasing the latest "Snoopy Street Fair" collection and the launching the  new Snoopy concept store, Beagle Place.
The stage were graced with the lovely celebrity mommy Gladys Reyes-Sommereux and her kids, glammed up with Snoopy's latest collection.

Snoopy is not only one of the world’s most recognized and beloved characters, he is likely to remain so for many decades to come!

Christmas is one other way to celebrate the iconic comic life of Snoopy by giving Snoopy's clothes, shoes and accessories which are available at all SM Department Stores Nationwide.  Now, the Beagle House, a store highlighting comfortable and chic children's apparel with Snoopy's collection,  is open to serve you.


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