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Dimsum Fix Sans the Pricey Tag at Dimsum Break

Cebu's strong-growing Chinese-themed restaurant is now in Manila.   Dimsum Break of Harbour City Dimsum House Co., Inc. opens its first store in Manila at the Annex SM North EDSA..
It has been a long time since I have been  to the islands of Cebu and nothing thrills me more than the food and dining experience Cebuanos and tourists have been raving about.   My husband and I have been planning a Visayan tour set about at Cebu down to Leyte, but we always end up going to Bohol instead, where my relatives are.   Whenever I ask people who have been to Cebu, where a good port of call for comfort food that my kids would enjoy, always, they say on the top of their voice, Dimsum Break.

Until I learn about it opening their doors to Manilenos at the heart of Luzon.   I told myself  "nothing can stop me anymore from getting the same experience my friends have been swashing of," and I don't even have to spend a penny to go to Cebu (though I still yearn to explore Cebu).  A 30-minute ride on the MRT gets me there.    Oh, also an exemplary replacement to my Binondo cravings, should I say so.
If you are a dimsum-lover like me, you'll definitely be delighted with their more than 20 varieties of fried and steamed dimsums.  Coming in to their store is a breathe of fresh air, if you would compare them to other dimsum houses in Manila.   Far from what we typically experience at Binondo and some other 'greasy spoon' type of eateries.  The innovative and unique touch on the ceiling is absolutely fascinating, to begin with.  Hanging lamps made out of wooden steamers were used and scattered all over the resto.
The modern look which has that warm yet light feel makes the store cozy enough for every kind of diners.  The wall paintings in vibrant orange and green hues add interest to the whole modern Chinese cuisine theme. 

Now the best of the whole ordeal is the taste test.  Here are some of the grubs you can expect which will definitely give you guaranteed satisfaction in between bites.
Stuffed Taro

Fried Wanton
Chicken Feet
Pai Kuat
Empress Roll
Quail Egg Shao Mai
Shrimp Shao Mai

Once you get to see these goodies up close, lined up and ready for the taking, you will definitely be overwhelmed.  For the love of God, let me just say this, why in the heck would they be creating such an array of dim sums when all I can consume is but a number?  Seriously!  But here are my favorites which you can take note off so you are guided accordingly, but of course no one is stopping you tor try them all, which I am actually in a mission to.    
 The glorified Hakaw
 To begin with, Hakaw have always been on my top list if going to Chinese restaurants, I have had a number of Hakaw in different venues but might I say, theirs is amongst the best that I've had.  With the soft and silkened-texture of the wrap and the minced scallops and shrimps without wheaten extenders, is enough for me to come back here.   Taking in mind that the family (which is a now a big corporation) behind the product strives to always give the best quality in every dish they offer.  According  to Chef Glenndon Uytengsu, most of the ingredients are from local markets but they would need to outsource even from Thailand, like the shrimps.   To get the best out of a simple dish is to provide it with the right kind of ingredients, where the texture and all its components should go well with every ingredients.  Also, part of the HCDHCI's plan, apart from opening more branches and franchises, is to put up a commissary somewhere here in Manila to cater to the  rather fast-growing market.
 Bacon Shao Mai
Next to my list are these Bacon Shao Mai.  Its an elongated form of siomai, where a mix of pork and shrimps are rolled with bacon strips and steamed.  What I like about it is the subtle sweetness it has, maybe from the bacon, and without being salty and greasy.   Had I known that bacon can go pretty well with dumplings I would have made some at home and, now I know, I am prepping up my kitchen for a trial.
Chicken Feet
Now let me see if I'll be judged.   I'll be lying if I say that I don't eat chicken feet, I actually sometimes cook it for my family, but outside my home, I do become picky about having.   For one, I am very meticulous of how it had been cleaned and how it was prepared.   Till I was offered to try some.  Before you know it, I had quite a number of those chicken feet which are a bit spicy and salty yet you will be surprised at how tender and glutinous it has become, and eating it would not be a hassle nor shameful.
 Steamed Fried Rice
 Then there's the Steamed Fried Rice.   Sorry about this though, I kinda forgot which went first, steaming the rice then fried or the fried rice was steamed again, LOL.   But this I will never forget, how perfect a bowl of it would be perfect enough for me (if only I know how to say a bad word, I would have said it after a spoon of it on my mouth.).  "Kanin pa lang ulam na" (the rice can be considerable as a viand already) is the apt phrase for it!  You see the savory fried rice (something like a yang chow) is ladled to the brim with a gleaming brown sauce.   Would die to have a copy of the recipe of the sauce.  I can not really define the flavor of the brown sauce, perhaps it has XO or Worcestershire or Oyster sauce even, all I know is that it is amazingly good.  Top it off with a generous serving of  minced pork and shrimps and guess what a bowl costs only P 65.00.  Yeah NP could not beat that!

A choice of everything
The Empress Roll
Another interesting dish is the Empress Roll, a different take on spring rolls except it didn't use rice lumpia wrappers but fresh cabbage.   The filling is much the same as the regular spring roll or Lumpiang Shang Hai but it was not fried, it was steamed.   How healthy is that?
 Shrimp Toasts
If you think I'm a biased on steamed dim sums, I also one fave from the fried ones.  The Shrimp  Toasts.  The balls are so dense and compact.  Chopped shrimps were tightened to a ball with egg whites and rolled in cubed bread and crumbs then deep-fried to crunch.
  Also, do take note that they offer different dips to use for every dumplings,  have a chilli garlic, soy sauce with calamansi, and minced ginger sauce.

To sum it all up, everything here in my post are delish, amusing in some ways but make sure you come on a light and even empty stomach and fill up with these dumplings.
Mango Custard
Do make sure to have some room left for sweet endings.  May I suggest you have Mango Custard?   It's a their take on leche flan but made more flavorful with the summery mango.  The whole thing was topped with mango flavored jelly.
More Dimsum Break Specialty desserts
You would also want to try the Coconut Cream.   It is somewhat like an almond jelly but it's not.   May look simple in white less the frills but yeah 'looks can be deceiving.'   The creamy consistency is so addicting.   The coconut milk was ingeniously taken t better heights with this.    The consistency is like of any custard without the yolk but unpretentiously taking the taste of the best maja blanca but yummier.   And each serving for a whopping price of P 55.00.

So whenever you feel like getting some dim sum or noodle soup fixes Dimsum Break definitely will satiate your craving and  will have you longing form more.

Visit any of the 12 Dimsum Break branches in Metro Cebu: Ayala Food Choices, Avila Bldg. (JESA ITC) along Gen. Maxilom Ave., Banilad Town Centre, Colon St., Elizabeth Mall, Gaisano Grand Fiesta Mall, GMC Arcade, Mango Square Mall, One Pavilion Mall, Pacific Mall, Parkmall, and SM City Cebu.

In Manila:

Address:  SM City North EDSA, 3rd Floor, The Annex
Contact Numbers:   (032) 234 6786
Do follow them at :

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